Update on the lack of updates

Lately you may have noticed I haven’t had a lot of new projects on this site, just podcasts. This doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on anything, it just means I haven’t had a lot to show the world as most of my stuff these days is covered under various NDA’s.

So I just wanted to give you all a head’s up that I should have some new stuff up soon, hopefully after the New Year, and some long-suffering projects such as the Xbox laptop 3 or Commodore 64 Original Hardware laptop will be done sooner than later as well. In the meantime, continue to enjoy our podcasts and look for the usual bi-yearly “Future of Videogaming” article before 2007 is over.

For a good laugh you can also check out the Myspace page for our awesome Rock band group “Power Supply”! 

13 thoughts on “Update on the lack of updates”

  1. It’s good to know that there’s stuff coming up. I look forward to it.
    And Myspace? Make one for Facebook! I’ll totally be a fan of it!.

  2. Does anybody else remember that he mentioned he was building the Commodore 64 laptop back in the 15th (video) podcast? If he’s been working on it since then i think it will beat his longest time to build portable record.

  3. I sent you a message! You need to be called “The Bill Paxtons”. Hmmm I need to send you a xbox live friends request.

    I request Food, Bruce Campbell, Wii Bashing as on going podcast themes. Oh and perhaps discuss why is Yar’s Revenge for the Atari 2600 such a brilliant addictive game and how it was the first game to ever have an easter egg in it.


  4. Alright Ben, Its 3:25pm on the 30th here in Australia, I will be up until midnight on the 31st until that article is here, if not, you shall feel the wrath of an angry comment!

    Anyway, Looking forward to that C64 thing you said about, I love them :p

  5. Well hey Ben, just to let you know, QJ.net’s Xbox 360 blog is using some of your Single Handed 360 controller images on a news article….and they arent crediting you at all for em…..heres the link for ya-http://xbox360.qj.net/Microsoft-researching-new-controllers-for-Xbox-360-/pg/49/aid/110676

  6. I will try and sort of update the Myspace page every month or so.

    RE Qjnet, I don’t care.

    RE friend’s request, I’ve cleared a bunch out, if you’re a member of the forums chances are I’ll approve you. I don’t like on the new Xbox update how your “Friends Online” list is prefaced by all current friend requests, it’s annoying and make me want to fill up the list again.


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