VCSp Revision 6 Prototype Built

I’m sure many of you thought I didn’t have the ability to count to 6 (much like how Capcom had trouble counting to 3) but, here it is, VCSp Revision 6 Prototype!

A VCSp Rev 6 looks REMARKABLY like a Special Edition, except the main body of the unit is made from plastic (note the white sides, unpainted on this prototype). The main advantage of this unit is that, because of the material change and others internally, both sides of a unit can be routed in about 5 minutes, as opposed to 1.5 hours with all previous models.

For more juicy details on what makes this unit faster to create, visit the Rev 6 entry in the Models section of my site.

The biggest advantage of this design is that I am planning to build as many as 40 of these style units. If you are interesting in being on my “pre-sale” list, feel free to email me for details. I also plan to contact people from my previous pre-sale list and inform them of this development.

Naturally, this prototype itself is for sale and (obviously) ready to go!  If interested, let me know.

ALSO! If anyone out there is familiar with how to implement a Sony Info lithium battery charger into a device, I’d be very interested in your help. A self-charging VCSp would be, much like Cold Fusion, a great benefit to mankind and a feature I’d love to incorporate into the mass construction.

Lastly, the rip-roaring battle royale fight-to-the-finish GBA SP vs VCSp SE article (see below) will be done shortly, so don’t despair!

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