VCSp (tentative) Pricing Announcement

I am working on a third revision VCSp, as you may know. The purpose of this unit is to simplify construction time, which means a lower price when I sell it.

Using the same TFT active matrix screen as the first 2 Atari portables, I believe I can get the price in at around $300.

I also might look into some cheapo pocket TV’s they have at Radio Shack. If those TV’s work, they would bring the price down to around $240, although it seems Radio Shack is phasing them out, so it’s up in the air.

Lastly, if people were to send me an Atari 2600 4-switch to gut, that would take an additional $40 off the price.

One reason I’m pushing using a rechargeable battery on these things is because doing hookups for ONE battery is a lot simpler than doing hookups for FOUR batteries. (especially that 9 volt, it’s a bugger) Again, that saves time and money.

These prices allow me to make a little profit off each unit. Not enough to become rich by any means, but enough to not go in the hole. I won’t know for certain until I complete VCSp Revision 3, but I thought I’d announce my cost estimates now to see what people think.

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