Very well, I shall build one more Xbox 360 laptop

Since about 50% of my email involves requests for an Xbox 360 laptop, and since I like money, I have decided to relent and cave into the enormous pressure to build one more. Sigh.

Mysterious white boxes invade middle America

Proposed specs:

  • Xbox 360 Elite based, 120 gig hard drive.
  • Built-in WiFi.
  • New design.
  • HDMI – DVI adapter to allow digital video on the LCD screen. Probably still a 17″ widescreen.
  • Some sort of different cooling system, a little more refined than last time.
  • Whatever color the buyer wants!
  • Delivery by end of summer / early fall.

Please visit this page for the terms of this one-time offer, thanks.

In other news, I’m still working on a new prototype for my 3rd revision of the single-handed controller.  Should be the best one yet!

50 thoughts on “Very well, I shall build one more Xbox 360 laptop”

  1. I never thought you’d be crazy enough to build a second one let alone a third one, after all the trouble you had with the first one.

  2. If you said you would never build one again, then why in the heck are you attempting another one. Besides Xbox 360 isn’t that cool anyway.

  3. hmmm
    maybe I’ll have to have a talk with be about a ps3 laptop, don’t know how easy it’d be to do but a portable linux supercomputer would be a handy thing to have around……. if you’re a geek.

  4. Well im in iraq right now..and this thing would be GREAT to have….ideal since we move around alot…and we arnt always able to have tvs and other things…3500…hmm maybe i can do..;) i will have 2 place and offer

  5. Wow that would be handy to have a 360 laptop in Iraq but how would you charge the battery? And im surprised that microsoft isnt a little interested in this I find it intriging it may be way to exspensive mass produce.

  6. Oh… my… God…

    Ben, you’re crazy. [That’s a good thing. :P] I just can’t believe it… Another Xbox 360 laptop? O.O

  7. I think it is awesome that you want to make a third one and elite based this time. I was wondering if you could make one of your old fashioned making of pages where its like a story and alot of random stuff. I just liked your old making of pages.

  8. Are you making these to anyone ho ask ? (sorry if thats a stupid questien, but i just saw you on and you said the xbox 360 laptop was 1000dollars like everyone could buy it. . please email me

  9. yea those things look sweet, but i was wondering, do you have it so the hard drive can pop off like a normal 360 so you and your friends can still like, put their hard drives on your 360 lap top. or did you just hack that up to and put it in there for good.

  10. Tony Fink u r the biggest retard in the world. 360’s r way better than the play with ur wii or the giant ass PS3.

  11. If you’re building an Elite version, it would be awesome if you put the instructions on Engadget like with the first one. Since I know I don’t have the money, or would win, having the instructions to make it would be nice. Or instructions for a PS3 laptop. Either/both are both acceptable, and would further raise your status amongst us not so skilled at this. You would attain uber god status if you could put both the Elite and the PS3 into one box. And put instructions for that online. And gave me the money and resources to do it. And guided me step by step through it. Yeah, that sounds sweet. I’d provide the beer.

  12. Xbox 360 sucks, although the Xbox 360 laptop is really neat. Ben, you totally rock!

    PS. Before you fanboys start flaming someone for liking one console over another, think of how immature you are being. It’s like getting angry at someone for telling you they like apple pie over cheesecake.
    Get a life.

  13. Manheim Says:
    June 19th, 2007 at 9:31 pm

    Xbox 360 sucks,
    PS. Before you fanboys start flaming someone for liking one console over another, think of how immature you are being.

    ….wow way to contradict yourself. You come and post a provocative negative opinion about the xbox 360 on a xbox 360 laptop page and then tell people not to flame you and instead think of how mature it would be to do so?

  14. #1: x box 360s rule
    #2: u have no life
    #3: apple pie rules
    #4: ChaosEntity has the right idea

  15. Wouldn’t he have a question mark on the controller too. Id assume that he’d paint that to match the laptop. Also how in the world would you fit both a 360 and a ps3 in the same case? The ps3 would have trouble fitting all by itself in the case for the 360.

  16. @Alto

    #1: PS3s are good to, but 360 is slightly better (Price and games)
    #2: Fanboys suck
    #3: Apple is better warmed up with Ice Cream
    #4: I agree


  17. im trying 2 blow my birthday $$ (about a third of wat the opening bid is probably at, lol) but, wut is the battery life on this? im already going 2 get a special edition xbox 360 with guitar hero, but if i had the time and patience i wud see if my sisters fiancae wud wanna pimp out my xbox case. i may spraypaint it gold, but i no it wud probably screw me seeing how i cant remove the cover or i void the warrenty (every1 tells me that it is gud 2 keep the warrenty, but i no it doesnt make a difference). but this crap gets expensive REAL fast. again, i think ur a GENIUS in inventing this stuff and wish i cud make stuff like this. my 1 complaint is that the hinges make this look like a breifcase and the ports in the back shud be actually inside the laptop. oo, i forgot, the lettering made this look kool…. i saw that xbox held a contest a while back 2 show how u pimpd ur xbox- u shuda enterd. the winners are posted at sumwhere. not 2 mention the cartoon of ur experience at the computr store with the ps3 noob. i think microsoft wud love 2 mass produce this, problem is, u need insiders. but u cud show this 2 a little guy and wing it from there. for non-savvy xbox peoples, i THINK that the 360 is made of the same material as the ibook- vary customizable- good if u wanna do sumthing similar. i dont no if i sed this, but hows the battery life?? IM JUST RAMBLING ON AND ON!! SRRY, LOL. well, ur really a great person and shud be reconized 4 ur work. thanks 4 publishing this 4 all 2 see!

  18. Hey Ben,
    Keep rocking dude !!!!!
    I wish the corporates learn the lesson out of what you are doing for us.
    Brilliant innovation man.
    All the best !!!!!!!!!
    btw How much does your XBOX 360 laptop cost 😉

    But I would prefer you to go for the kill with a PS3 innovation.
    That would probably the ultimate challenge for now !!!!!

  19. OMG. YOU RULE.

    Why not go all out with a PS3 laptop? That would probably be the best thing ever…. awesome!

  20. If you guys had half a brain, you’d have clicked where it says ‘Please visit this page for the terms of this one-time offer, thanks.’, in which it clearly says the minimum offer is $3500.

  21. LOLZ. Making another one even though you said you weren’t.

    Still, cool cool. I already know its gonna be pure pwnage.

  22. wtf ??? 3.5 G’s ??? its just a freakin laptop body and puting some of the X-box 360 components inside and buying a 17″ LCD screen and connecting it with the graphics card of both a Laptop and the X-box 360. I would spend like less than 2,000 making it. I give you a 2 thumbs down !!!

  23. Dr3Am 3At3R you suck. Can’t wait to see this BEN!

    When the new 360’s with 65nm chips come out you’re going to have to make another 360 though. And again with 4x nm chips!

  24. DUDE how on earth did you build an xbox 360 laptop if you ask me why not just build and make your own live company… im so envious of you, and just curious why did you build it? and what gave you the knowlege to do so? thank you 1st time wroting but already liking your work please email me i check it every day. thank you

  25. I would like to first say thank this man for his one-of-a-kind projects and guides to get all of our wheels rolling…with the laptop i would still be trying to turn over the engine.

    Sir Heck i ask only 2 things now of you and will pay if necessary for either/both.
    I need good close up photos of the wiring(for the elite) when you are building it. I have started a wiring schematic based on your work/guides along with my build ( 19incher 8-} ) and the pinout guide for the 360. My drawings are user friendly and easy enough to read. I will be converting the schematic into book format as a PDF doc. and include step-by-step instructions as thoroughly as i can depict them. As it should be without being said you will and have all credit for the intellectual side of this i am only taking credit for the build of mine citing your works and the creation of the guide itself. It will be free and available at many different filehosting sites.

    And the second thing i ask is for any personal advice you could offer this budding modder in the way of tips and tactics, methods or just plain trial and error knowledge that could help. my goal is a 360 elite with 21″with full HD and have it either liquid cooled or any method other than passive cooled.

    If you could help me out with any of these things i would be more than willing as i already said to fork up the moohlah but since i know the quality of YOUR work i would also be willing to send you a prototype of a mahogany/komatex ply 360 case i built to your specs(interior dimensions) from your 360 laptop 2 guide( like i said i went 19 on my first) but now i am trying to do the elite w/ a 21″ monitor so unless one of my broke companions comes up cash to have me build em a laptop this case is obsolete to me. The case is beautiful as carpentry is my working trade and i take pride in my work. If you think it can be useful to you or you want pics lemme know. Thank You BEN
    the EQ man

  26. oh yeah im also considering a video of me doing my elite build so i can help the rest of the world do this .it took me months to build my first but in the end…….WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT

    anyone wanna help? post and lemme know ……..we’ll talk

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