Whoah! I added a clock! Oh, and a News Archive thingy…

See it up in the corner there? Pretty nifty, eh? Well, I thought so at least…

Oh yeah the news! To keep page loads easy only the last 10 or so updates will appear on the benheck.com start page now. To access the rest just click on the links at the bottom of the page. As an added bonus I dug up and reformatted every news story and link dating back to December of 2000 (when I first left the original Geocities site and went to Classicgaming/Gamespy) If you’re curious about how my portables have evolved over the years this is the ideal time to bone up on the subject.

Sadly, the first 3 months of this site have been lost to the ravages of time / me not backing up enough, but oh well – I didn’t do a whole lot back then expect talk about “the Vagabond” which as we all know I didn’t actually finish until 4 years later.

In other non-ancient news I’m working on a Liquid Metal style Phoenix at the moment, should be interesting to say the least when it’s done. Look for photos of it later this week!

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