“You’ll be a Man, my Son.”

On Friday, I shipped out the first Atari VCSp to be sold. “ATARITRADER.COM”  bought the VCSp Revision 2 (described on the VCSp Models page). He ‘traded in’ an Atari 2600 4-swtich and received $40 of the price! He was also gracious enough to send me a Ghostbusters cartridge as a gift! I loved that game on my Atari 800, and the 2600 version is pretty decent as well. Thanks Richard! I will post his review / comments of the system as soon as I get them.

The proceeds of this sale are going straight into the next VCSp, the Revision 3 and I am getting close to having them ready. My increasing proficiency and speed with the routing tools allows me to run off ‘test cases’ as I design them, instead of designing everything first and THEN routing it. The new controller layout, the new cartridge slot configuration, and the board size and position are finished. The last thing for me to test is the rechargeable battery holder. (Due to overwhelming support of the idea, all future VCSp’s will use Sony Info lithium rechargeable camcorder batteries.)

The completion of this new VCSp should come within the next week or so. These ‘Rev 3’ units are the ones that I feel can be made the easiest so I can sell them for $300. Once the VCSp Rev 3 is done, and I am confident that the construction methods are simplified enough, there will probably be a new section on the FEATURES menu…


Isn’t that a lovely thought?

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