A new clichéd version of the Port Washington trailer

For some reason I had an urge this week to create a new version of the trailer for my independent film Port Washington. The original trailer was a bit old and I thought it’d be fun to make one that has all the usual Hollywood trailer clichés. Here it is:

Port Washington Trailer Revision 2

Now it’s quite professional (sarcasm intended) and includes all the mainstays of a modern movie trailer, including:

    1) A Smash Mouth song
2) Sappy love music
3) Someone being punched or falling down
4) An explosion
5) Shots from every action sequence three times over
6) Giveaways of all the gags
7) And most importantly… “O Fortuna” (You’ll know it when you hear it)

  So if you haven’t seen Port Washington yet, why not check out the trailer and see if it’s up your alley? Then you can hit the official site and download the whole movie. (A normal Ben-style trailer is also available) Enjoy!

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