Port Washington DVD Info

I have completed a fancy 2 disc DVD set of Port Washington. It includes:

       DISC 1

  • The movie itself. Progressive scan compatible, Dolby Digital AC-3 Surround.
  • Audio Commentary #1 – Director Ben Heckendorn and co-star Jason Jones
  • Audio Commentary #2 – Co-writer Dale Nauertz, actors Derek and Michelle Novy.
  • Text Commentary, written by yours truly. Basically covers stuff I forgot to mention in my audio commentary.

       DISC 2

Behind the Scenes

  • “As If Your Were There” – Candid outtakes, bloopers and shenanigans that give you a “fly on the wall” look at the production. Well, sort of.
  • “The Cutting Room Floor” – Montage of scenes that didn’t make it into the final movie.
  •  Production Notes – The step by step diary kept by me during the, ug, SIX YEARS between the original idea and the completion.

Storyboarding Section – Split-screen animated movie-to-storyboard comparisons. Scenes covered:

  • Theatre Booth Fight
  • The Kitten Scene
  • Entire boat / jet ski chase

Visual Effects

  • “Special Effects Deconstruction” – See how many of the special effects were put together. With audio commentary by me.
  • “ChromaKeyArama” – A montage of all the blue and green screen effects photography that was done for the movie.
  • Effects Log – Browse through the log containing all 220 special effects shots for PW, with notes.
  • Production Videos – Mostly shot with my backup (ahem destructible) DV camera. See the early “Suck Cam” car mount tests, footage with the camera mounted to the jet ski, early water effect tests and equipment. Also included are parts where we scout out locations, allowing you to see them in their original unaltered forms. Includes the cool-looking but unused test footage with a camera mounted under a truck’s front bumper.
  • Musical Overture – Sit back and listen to the entire musical score in uncompressed PCM audio. Includes the “Mime of Mine” trailer audio heard during the projection booth fight.
  • Original 2004 Teaser Trailer – With optional text commentary. Strange, yes, but the commentary touches on issues such as why movie trailers contains scenes and dialog not found in the final film.

I plan to include a free Port Washington DVD with all future portables – what a deal! Videogames and a show! (Dinner not included) – Note: Excuse me if I’ve forgotten to include this.

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