11 thoughts on “Access Controller video review / demo”

  1. Thats awesome Ben. I honestly hope you’re proud of yourself (its weird how you only ever hear that expression when someone is being sarcastic… but I’m not).

    This is really an awesome thing, and its amazing no one (to my knowledge) has ever done it before.

  2. Yeah, of all people, Ben. One who mods video game/electronic components uses his skills for such good! The access controller is great, congrats on such an awesome invention.

  3. Hi, I just think that it is soo awesome that you have put your skills to work doing this. I, and more importantly, my daughter who can only use her right hand, greatly appreciate this and look forward to the xbox360 controller when it comes out. She does pretty amazing right now on a DS, and she’s getting a Wii for christmas which I think will work great, but to see people out there creating great stuff like this, makes me realize there is still good people out there!


  4. i just bought one of these and can’t wait to get it. i have both hands but they are affected from my spinal cord injury. i can never use the bottom triggers and have lots of trouble with the top ones. with this i can use the ball of my hand on the sticks and my thumbs on the triggers or xo buttons. i’ll give a review after i’ve had it for a week or 2!!

  5. Seeing something like this reminds me of the social and personal good that engineering can bring about. Thank you, this made my day.

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