Jasper search continues

Checked out a Best Buy today… lots of new Xbox 360’s in stock. Looked like they do the reverse of supermarkets, ie, the freshest stuff is on top and not in the back/bottom.

ANYWAY it’s been reported elsewhere on the web that the Jasper all-65nm Xbox 360 (with rumored 256 meg onboard storage) has been seen with this data:

  • Manufacture date: 10/23/2008
  • Lot number 0843X
  • 150W power supply

I examined a unit from Best Buy that had the following:

  • Manufacture date: 10/18/2008
  • Lot number 0842X

…and though it was very close to the “Jasper” specs, it still had the 175W power supply. The power supply is always the “key” and in this case, doesn’t indicate a Jasper.

So if the Jasper that’s been found is correct, then its lot/date are likely the absolute minimum to find the new chipset, since the one I saw was only 1 lot # lower and 5 days older.

Once I do find one I intend to rip it to shred and share with the world (I can always use Xboxs, it’s like buying bulk Diet Pepsi) I’m looking forward to it!

I am going to Richland Center tomorrow for a thrilling wisdom tooth removal, it is at that Wal-Mart I found my first Falcon, perhaps I’ll get lucky again!

17 thoughts on “Jasper search continues”

  1. I used to work at a Wal-Mart (LIKE JONES!)… and I pray to god (whomever he may be) that you aren’t getting your wisdom teeth pulled there.

    I defend Wal-Mart for their pro-corporate mentality, since its just a UBER-capitalist mentality… but that doesn’t mean I’d let them physically mess with my body.

    That would be terrible!

    I don’t know if any Wal-Mart anywhere pulls teeth… but if yours doesn’t… and you’re laughing at me… imagine ten years ago when someone might have told you “hey… Wal-Mart does eye-exams!”… the appropriate reaction to that is “NO! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!.. I enjoy using my ocular organs!”

    Yet… they actually do it.

    So… Wal-Mart is great… so long as you don’t care what sort of service you get (i.e. buying underwear).

  2. Hossrex, Wal-Mart health care can’t be too far in the future.

    Speaking of that, I finally visited a Costco yesterday… my God, the deals!

  3. Do you concur with other’s opinions that another way to identify boxed Xboxes as Jasper units is the 12.1A power consumption labeling? Any thoughts on whether Elite Jasper units will come out alongside or after Premium bundles are released to the wild (as they appear to be)? Oh yeah Costco rocks especially when you are having a bunch of people over and need party food.

  4. Pai, yeah I guess putting a 175W PSU on a unit that doesn’t need it wouldn’t hurt… who knows maybe the unit I saw the other day WAS a Jasper.

    Can you get a close-up of the back info sticker?

    I have been hearing that it’s being found just in Arcades first. If I find one I intend to open it all the way, right down to the GPU so we can all see it.

    Were there any other markings on the box, such as the 256 meg memory mentioned a different way?

    Also what was the lot #? Best Buy had a lot of newer arcades but they were all from September.

  5. Ben, I updated that photo pool. I did look at the lot number but I didn’t write it down or take pictures… I didn’t even realize what I had after all the hoopla on xbox blogs and forums.

    I’ll get a picture of the label on the box and upload it after I get off work.

  6. December 13th, 2008.

    Nice job on the PS3 Controller Ben.

    I’m the individual who contacted you several months ago with the concept of using an xbox 360 controller shell for a PS3 controller. It’s absolutely beautiful and far nicer looking than I had ever expected. Ever thought of implanting rapid fire as an additional feature ( see Rapid Fire Demo xbox 360 on You Tube ). I have a Falcon unit and I got it at Best Buy Canada. The power bar is 170 Watts and the amps is 14.2 . There were no Jasper models as of September 2008 in Canada. I searched numerous Best Buy and Future Shops in Ottawa, Toronto and Quebec City at that time. The Falcon is quieter than the previous model and no red rings so far. The 120GB black Elite has the Falcon boards. Again; congradulations on your masterpiece. Lil Miss Nobody

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