After All These Years, Vagabond Unit Actually Built!

The Vagabond '03. Click photo for whole story!

I know, it’s hard to believe your eyes. But here it is. Just in time for the 2003 Classic Gaming Expo, the Vagabond ’03! Using the design concepts from the original Vagabond plans (circa 2000), it is the smallest VCSp ever – yet it the cartridge slides down the back! No fakey emulation or “Ataris-On-A-Chip” – a real live Atari 2600 (or part of it) is actually crammed into this baby! For the story on how (and why) I did it, click here!

( Note- the Vagabond ’03 is NOT one of the ‘3 new systems’ mentioned below on the June 17th entry. Those are still up in the air! )

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