Portable Unit / Videogame Building Inquiry, Feedback Requested!

Hello folks, I am back! Haven’t gotten the Classic Gaming Expo photos developed yet, but I’ll post some when I do. (I got to meet Nolan Bushnell!!!)

I am thinking of going into this prototyping / device building thing as a full-time business. In order to support the expenses of this, I would have to expand my services. New expansion possibilities include (but not limited to):

  • Larger scale production of VCSp units that run off AA batteries (currently under development)
  • Production of KITS for people to build their own units
  • Outsourced prototype case-building (where a person would ask me to build a case for something and I would based off their specs)
  • Building of parts to create / refurbish arcade machines
  • Any custom part / shape building work a customer wants
  • And of course specialty new units every now and then

 So what I’m looking for is feedback. Take a look around the site, look at what I am capable of designing and let me know if more VCSp units, build-your-own kits, custom units and custom part-building work are things that you or people you know would be interested in. I want to use the level of feedback as a ‘barometer’ of if I should do this or not.

Please email and tell me your thoughts, they will be much appreciated.


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