After the Classic

Well everyone is probably back from the Midwest Gaming Classic by now, so I thought I’d recap the show.

Revenge of the NOAC

Along with my presentation, which will probably show up on YouTube or something, I displayed my latest Yobo NES portable, as shown above. Pretty standard stuff, but I had to bring something. Didn’t have any VCSp Rev 5.1’s laying around ready to go unfortunately. Continued…

EDITOR’S NOTE: For those of you who have complained about the small amount of ads on this site, I have deliberately filled this story with the normal amount of keyword ad links most site’s articles have. Scroll past them and DESPAIR!!!!!!!!

Here’s another view of the new NES. Sorry it’s already been spoken for, but if you’d like to learn about hacking NES clones into working systems, why not browse or join our forums?


Other assorted things I took photos of…

Symphony's still better
I finally get to play the elusive “Castlevania: Ronda of Blood” on the PC Engine TurboDuo. A cool game and it really pushes the technology.

Something we’ve all no doubt wanted to do. My living room barely holds one bus as it is.

I don't remember McCoy being that muscular...
Clearly the best pinball machine ever built.



Before the iPhone, there was... Atari phone?
This is some sort of Atari video phone. I’m trying to call 1983 on it, no dice.

One of the best uses for a Mac I've ever seen.
Apple’s new iClock.

Highlight of the show for me. I used to play Arkanoid on the IIgs endlessly in high school (and yet still graduated). Quite thrilling to play it again after all these years, and now I want to make a IIgs portable just so I can run it.


Finally I ran across a copy of “Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller” for the 3Do(a). I had to buy it because it reminded me of when I worked at Funcoland long, long ago. Parents would always come in and ask “What’s a good game for kids?” and the employees joked we should recommond this one instead of whatever crap kids were into back then.


How it could have happened
How it could have happened.

…Ah I remember now. People were gung-ho for Bubble Bobble on the NES. We had requests for it every damn day, you wouldn’t believe it. Course if I told you when I worked at Pizza Hut around that same time that every other delivery order asked if we had cigarettes you probably wouldn’t believe that either. Or maybe you would. Still, Funcoland was a great job…

That’s about it for my photos (I don’t want this to become a Flickr slideshow or anything). It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed meeting many of my fans and forum members. See ya’ll at the next one, or perhaps in Vegas.

POSTSCRIPT: What happened to the Beer Cart at the show?

12 thoughts on “After the Classic”

  1. Dude i was one of the people to play the system it was awsome and so wasa your presentation. I going forsure next year and bringing more then $300 i spent 50 on the way their and the rest on stuff and still found things i wanted. My freinds and i traveled 400 miles and slept in a 95 firebird to see ben heck and it was all worth it hope ur their next year.

  2. I think I only spent $45 on “stuff”, the rest was on hot dogs, chips, candy bars and of course beer. (Going down to Water Street on Saturday didn’t help)

    Glad you enjoyed the show Raab, especially if you had to sleep in your car. That’s never fun.

  3. So jealous. It sounds cool.

    And to all those who wanna see a making-of, I want to see one as well. But can understand if we don’t see a making-of.

    Mr. Heckendorn, have you considered a portable FC Twin?

  4. I wanted to go this year, but I hat to go to my sister’s graduation instead. 🙁 Oh well, maybe next year.

  5. Man I wish I was there. Nearly everyone in my group who was supposed to go decided to go out and get wasted the previous night, so there were only 2 of us still going the following day, and neither of us could drive there (my car is shot and my friend doesn’t have a car.) HOPEFULLY NEXT YEAR…….

  6. I was at MGC. I was wearing a grey Nintendo “d-pad” shirt and glasses. I think I saw you there.
    I wanted to see your speech but I had to leave before 5.
    Playing pinball and virtual boy all day was fun.

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