Benheck Podcast Episode 21

Here it is, only a day late this time, Podcast Episode 21! Topic 1 involves televisions ads, why people pay for things and still have to sit through ads, spam and annoying marketing in general. Topic 2 touches on “Games made from movies”, inspired by the news that for some reason a company is making a “Dirty Dancing” game (clearly they were inspired by our Wii video). Jones and I think of some cool movies that they should make games of. We also talk about the Xbox 360 Elite that Jones picked up, along with his HD-DVD drive add-on.

As for the intro, it’s the thrilling conclusion to our “Video Pirates of the Caribbean” series, so enjoy.

Regarding the Midwest Gaming Classic, I shall be speaking at 5:00 PM Saturday. See you all there.

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5 thoughts on “Benheck Podcast Episode 21”

  1. Loved the Podcast as usual.

    But just had to let you know about the new western game out on the 360! Call of Juarez! I mean it doesnt look like it breaks any new boundaries but I hear you can run along side you’re horse to sheild you’re self from attacking enemies and there pesky six shooters.

  2. I think I actually enjoy “Video Pirates of the Caribbean” more than the films. Depressing, seeing as how the amount of funding differs by orders of magnitude.

  3. GO GO *The good, the bad and the ugly* game please!

    Just as long as it doesnt get fucked in the ass like put on the ps2/wii -.-

    p.s I do love the Wii but “real-life” style games shouldnt be on it.

  4. I was at MGC. I was wearing a grey Nintendo “d-pad” shirt and glasses.

    I think I saw you, you were wearing a blue MGC shirt right?
    I wanted to see your speech but I had to leave before 5.

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