AMH Debug 4-10-14

The last day to debug before MGC! We’re heading over Friday morning to get set up, so by the afternoon we can relax. Bring my tabletop Neo Geo mini arcade if anyone wants to buy it.

  • Made sure all timed modes award extra points for whatever seconds you had remaining on the shot.
  • Added a Super Jumps progressive combo on the right orbit jump shot – 500k advance in Theater Mode, 100k advance with no modes active. Spam that shot! (good luck)
  • Fixed glitch where Extra Ball light would be on after a mode ends if you collected it during a mode.
  • Added additional shift out for new GI lighting. This affected timing (since it’s always running) so adjusted timed light show on Multiball.
  • Added more lightning FX for the animated backbox. Will add more after MGC.
  • Fixed a bug where if ball didn’t trap successfully to start Haunted Bar the mode would get messed up. It now does a Dirty Pool detect, and if ball indeed trapped, starts mode. Else, targets go down so you can shoot it again to trap.

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