Now we’re really testing out the game! This is the first production game so some of the mechs behave differently from both my prototype game and the one on location.

  • Increase scoop flasher warning time. The new right scoop is FAST so players need more warning to catch it. This was a Steve Ritchie suggestion BTW.
  • Slings are far too strong. They make the ball far too wild and cause outline drains. I will reduce their power in code before our seminar at noon.
  • AV kernel needs a heartbeat watchdog, it did lock up a few times.
  • Extended sneeze guard behind ghost. There’s a barrier to keep the ball from getting trapped behind door, but we forgot to add it on this brand new game. It should also extend to the right a bit so balls can’t get trapped behind ghost.
  • Adjust timer so ball search occurs sooner.
  • Adjust timing on ball drain solenoids.
  • Look into why PWM for the hold coils works on my prototype game but not production one.
  • Make sure Chuck gets the good, self cleaning leaf switches.

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