AMH Debug 4-15-14

We won “Best Custom Game” at Midwest Gaming Classic, yahoo!

Getting back to work on code, not going as full-bore as last week, still, stuff needs to get done!

The King and I
  • At the request of Steve Ritchie, added more sound / increased warning for the scoop kickout. Increased flasher amount, and added strobing the scoop lights to draw attention (so player can catch the ball)
  • A multiball earned and started during War Fort could continue on past end of mode.  Doesn’t break the game, but would allow the player to possibly start other modes with a multiball still active (not supposed to happen)
  • Fixed this bug by turning it into a “feature” Normally it takes 3 hits to defeat Army Ghost. If multiball active, you can hit him as many times as you want until you’re down to one ball, in which case final hit ends mode. This would allow for many more jackpots than mode currently provides. Strategic!
  • With hellavator up / jackpot lit, Call Button is now disabled until you collect jackpot (makes it easier to collect since you can’t miss and hit Call Button)
  • Added a prompt if you hit Call Button when it’s disabled “Collect Jackpot to Enable Call Button” Always tell players WHY they can’t do something / why it doesn’t work.
  • Found some states where ball will remain trapped if a Tilt occurs. Planning to debug those out next.


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