AMH Debug 4-5-14

Ah, the umpteenth consecutive Saturday I’ve been at my shop working.

  • Looking into music play bug  (nope, it was a different mistake, myself forgetting to mask off a bit)
  • Rewrote Minion and Hellavator multiball end code to clear things up
  • Realized using same variable for # of locked balls and how many balls to autolaunch was really stupid.
  • If Hell MB starts, active minion lights get erased – need to fix
  • Added more prompts for “dry” scoop shots, adding time to Photo Hunt, and Ghost Prison Escape
  • Making sure Hellavator Multiballs stacks perfectly with the modes it can stack with (Hospital, War Fort, Haunted Bar, Minion Battle)
  • Fixed glitched with “Lock” staying lit even with Hellavator in down position
  • Think I know why that combo light is staying on! That’s what happens when code gets too old – you forget what did what.
  • Probably won’t enable Wizard Mode or Video mode for MGC – more important that the 99% of the game people will actually see works perfectly!
  • Found glitch where Minion Multiball ending would prevent Spirit Guide from being collected until another mode started – whoops!

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