Another interview for you all

Recently I did an interview for a magazine, and there’s a full version of it here.

Sometimes people have noted that I don’t have links to every interview I do. Is this something people would like to see? Honestly I only post about half of them, I figure they have their own channels for distribution. Discuss!

What I’d really like to do is get some interviews for my podcast… Anyone famous out there read my site and want to come on over Skype for 2o minutes or so? I promise to ask interesting questions since I am fully aware of what it feels like to be asked the same 8 things over and over again. Email me!

In other news, I’ll have a new How-To on Engadget this week and, if all goes well, there should be a new portable before the end of February (the most stylish one yet, I promise)

6 thoughts on “Another interview for you all”

  1. Yes, you should make a new link on the left, to a page with all your interviews on. You should also post your xbox 360 rowing machine mod, that would be a great read.

  2. A new car you say? Instead of trading it in you should list it on eBay as “Ben Heckendorn’s 1993 Ford Escort Wagon” or whatever it may be. Someone who may have heard of you might buy it. (Perhaps a hardcore gaming nerd whose Gremlin is shot.)

  3. Yeah, Just mention your name, And you’ll get like, Heaps for it 😛

    Or make another 360 Laptop


  4. I am just going to get another station wagon anyway. I find them quite handy, and when you have an older car it’s handy to kick the doors closed when your arms are full because you just don’t care 😉

  5. I’d be interested in reading interviews you’ve done. A link at the top or on the left leading to them would be a great addition. You could either copy the interview (with the owner’s consent of course) or simply have links leading to them.

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