Podcast Episode 13

Here it is, an amazing 1 day early even. In this episode we discuss the best and worst games based off movies (and licenses) of all time, our experiences with online gaming and finally, movie sequels that come out far too late, such as Die Hard and Indiana Jones 4.

Goes a bit over an hour but you should be able to hack it, we even threw together another fun intro and everything. Enjoy! Official Site

10 thoughts on “ Podcast Episode 13”

  1. I’ll tell you what film would make an awesome video game:

    “Bad Taste”

    It would be great! You would even have an excuse for killing the same guy over and over again.

  2. Yeah…I didn’t realize that Peter Jackson made that until I heard it in the last podcast.

    You have to start somewhere, I guess.

  3. “Bad Taste” was definitely an interesting film.

    Better yet, would be making another Peter Jackson joint into a video game:

    Dead Alive!!!!!!

    Just think how great it would be to fend off Sumatran Rat Monkeys, feed your zombified mother porridge, and strap a lawn mower to your chest at the end of the game and literally mow through a glut of zombies!

    Dead Rising eat your heart out!

  4. Dead Alive is known as “Braindead” over here in Ireland…
    Very funny film…

    Especially the lawnmower bit…

    “Partys over!”

    *Lawnmower shenanigens ensues*


  5. Ohh, that film was on Film$ over here in the UK. I wish Peter Jackson went back to making these sort of films 🙁

  6. Jones & Ben get their skirts blown up by Matrix and Minority Report, repsectively.

  7. That would be Minority Report for me thanks. 🙂 Now that’s a movie!

    The Matrix, on the other hand, is one of the most overrated movies of all time. Apparently Ben likes it though for reasons I cannot explain.

  8. “Dead Alive” is a classic as well…nothing like Kung-Fu fighting Catholic priests, but “Bad Taste” was Jackson’s gritty beginning.

    Now it’s all $250M budgets and crybaby antics about “The Hobbit” and merchandising contracts…

  9. Is it just me or does the deep evil voice in the intro sound EXACTLY like Dr. Claw from the old Inspector Gadget cartoon?

    Another great podcast, guys! Keep it up!

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