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Been going through my email today and noticed I tend to get the same few questions every time. Considering the new traffic from the X-Play appearence on G4, I figured this would be a great time for another “Answers to Frequently Asked Questions” post!

Q: I want to buy an Xbox 360 laptop! -or- Please send me detailed instructions via email!

A: I only build about 1 of these a year, and they’re expensive due to the large amount of labor – think decent used-car expensive. You can find How-To instructions on Engadget, or lots more information in general on our forums.

Q:  Can you make me a single-handed game controller?

A: Again, there is too much labor involved to build one for every request. However the official production model – which we talked about last fall – is forthcoming. PS2/PS3 versions first, Xbox 360 to follow. Click here to read our last update.

Q: Build me a PS360 controller!

A: Again there are instructions online. I charge far too much for this procedure, again because of time constraints. But if you’re willing to drop the cost of a PS3 to get a custom controller, by all means email me.

Q: You should make / are you working on a PS3 portable?

A: Yes. My upcoming projects are always at least hinted at, if you look closely at my stories and photos.

Q: Create an Xbox 360/PS3/Wii combo unit!

A: No.

In other news, I plan to attend the 2008 Midwest Gaming Classic. As far as I know I won’t be speaking there, but if you’d like anything signed or want to talk shop dig me up. Podcast co-host Jason Jones will probably be there as well, along with many of our forum members.

11 thoughts on “Answers to Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Hey Ben, how about modding a wii case so it doesn’t fall down when you accidentally pull on the gamecube controller, I guess, that would be making a case that would lie flat with the gamecube slots directly above the actual disc drive. I would do it myself, but I have neither the skill nor the resources.

  2. Hey Ben, Lets say I mail you some of the parts like my 360 and the screen that I want it to go with can you make me a xbox 360 laptop and just name a price nd I’ll pay it I just want to to if you can and if that is ok.

  3. Hey Ben, 3 things. 1, you’re my hero! 2, I want to build a Wii Laptop, but I love my Wii and I’m scared I might break it. What should I do? 3 I often dream up amazing game systems (I’m a mad genius) but can’t act on it cause I don’t have the tools or the skills. Is it possible to make a system with removable parts (such as controller ports, memory card slots, ect) to make it capable of playing any game from any system, including the classics? I’ve probably gone insane thinking it could be done but if anyone can do it, you can.

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