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  1. hell yeah another one to add to my ever growing collection. why do i worship this site so much…oh yeah its coz it F**KING KICK A$$!!!

  2. yeah i couldn’t care less about blu ray hddvd and i bought a ps3 yesterday. you guys are totally right the downloading and installing of demos and patches is a pain in the ass. i had to download a patch for warhawk before i could even play and it took a good 15 minutes and then had to install. that would have taken me 30 seconds on the 360. on the flip side i think you don’t give the games enough credit. ratchet and clank is outstanding and warhawk reminds me of halo in 3d except worse. i also heard uncharted is good have to rent it this weekend

  3. Awesome podcast, as usual. Oregon Trail has never been so animated. I think the last time I played it was on my Apple IIC.

    @Jones –

    You need a shitty movie?!?! I just sent you the shittiest movie of all time!!! Come on, what are you waiting for?

  4. @Rich

    LOL After doing the podcast I mentioned to Ben that I do have that available. We just need one other movie (for some reason we always do two) to make the pain cycle complete. Although I must say that the Holiday Special could be enough pain on its own judging from the time I watched through the opening credits.

    I mean… Did I really need to know that Chewbacca’s old man’s name is Itchy? UGH!!!

  5. Why don’t you pair that aforementioned shitty movie with Live Free or Blow Hard for SMN? If Dale’s amongst you guys that night, I bet you can push him towards bloody, gory suicide with comments about how cool certain parts of the first three Die Hard movies were while watching it.

    I personally have been enjoying the Terminator show quite a bit, but perhaps I don’t watch the same amount of serial dramas that Ben does. Though I don’t think a show that you need to follow puts people off, I think it makes it very unlikely that such a show will pick up any additional viewers during its run. I still mourn Huff and Day Break (well, actually, I saw all of the Day Break episodes thanks to ABC.com, but you get my point with the cancelled series), and I’m sorry, but Lost SUCKS (ENEMY GET!!). The show almost seems to be based around the same exact premise that Sony bases their MMOs around: get the consumer hooked with quality content, and then once they’re hooked, just shovel out shit to keep them involved, regardless of quality, as long as it keeps them coming back for more. Lost had a solid season and a half of episodes where almost completely arbitrary and unlinked questions were raised by the shit that went down, and no standing questions were ever answered in the process, with many still yet to be answered and no one particularly bothered by the fact that the haven’t been answered; it’s like when I was sitting through The Matrix Revolutions thinking to myself “Doesn’t anybody care how Neo inexplicably stopped the machines in the real world at the end of the last movie?!” IT NEVER CAME UP.

    The first season of 24 was good, sans that god damn amnesia angle (holy shit, talk about clichè television storylines). Like Jones said, season two was all over the place, and after season three started out none too better, I stopped watching. Season five drew me in after having not watched for nearly two seasons because of the whole “This shit just got so real Jack needs to blow his whole ‘I’m dead’ cover” thing, and it WAS pretty cool, but then they advertised season six in a misleading manner (they basically pumped it up as “Jack’s always had to fight for his country, but now he has to fight for himself!” only to have him freed from captivity in the first ten minutes so he can go back to fighting for his country). The misleading advertisting I could’ve dealt with, but then they resolved the season’s plotline six episodes too early and came up with this idiotic ancillary plotline that had “Oh shit, I smoked too much pot last night and woke up late this morning and forgot to pad the storyline by an entire twenty-five percent” written all over it… So yeah, I won’t be watching season seven.

    But please, for the love of God, don’t talk about Lost for a whole episode! :: cries ::

    I’m thinking that perhaps the reason the Indiana Jones trailer was censored was because when the MPAA issues a rating to a movie, there are rules regarding the content of the advertisements that are put out for that movie, which I believe also need to be approved by the MPSS (typo or subtle political commentary? You decide!). As for the Java(Script) thing you guys were talking about, I believe you were on mark as to what the differences are between the two; HD DVDs use(d) “HDi” for their menus and on-screen effects and what have you, and it’s basically JavaScript, whereas Blu-rays use “BD-J”, which is just Java. As far as I know, they can both pretty much do the same thing, although HDi is easier to do certain things with and can do certain things out of the box that a BD-J can’t unless the Blu-ray player utilizing it is patched.

    I think the Devil May Cry 4 thing was just a bad move on Capcom’s part; it does have faster load times on the PS3 than the 360, but as Tycho from Penny Arcade said (I think this is the analogy he used), “If you have one penny, and you double it, you only have two pennies”; basically, it cuts a three second load down to a one second load or so. Since there haven’t been any problems with load times with other games on both the 360 and PS3, DMC4 doesn’t seem to suggest that the PS3 requires an install to load as fast as the 360 version; again, I think it was just a lapse in judgement on Capcom’s part.

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