Atari VCSp Revision 7

Here it is, only the second Atari 2600 portable I’ve made all year:

VCSp Rev 7 - Slowly But Surely
Click image for a larger version

I had a request to build a new VCSp a few months ago and the person said I could “go nuts” with the design. So I decided to use my long-lost “folding screen” design as sort of seen below.

Drawn during an earthquake it would seem

For whatever reason this was going to be called the “VCSp Liquid” and I did this sketch on my PDA back around the 2001 Classic Gaming Expo in Vegas. Years later (last month) I thought it’d be cool to try and make a small as possible VCSp along these lines.

It's like a mini Atari laptop!
Top lid of the closed unit.

To see internal photos, read the making of and check out the bonus section click the link below. While this unit was too highly customized to make it “mass produced” I am curious to see if there’s still an interest in the old 2600. All I get these days are emails about Xbox 360.

Article Links:

VCSp Revision 7 – “Making Of”

7 thoughts on “Atari VCSp Revision 7”

  1. You always make it seem so retro. Good work
    (And by the retro thing I mean good retro)
    And also, did you get the Volume controller off an old Epiphone electric Les Paul? ‘Cos it kinda looks like the one I have on my Guitar 😛

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