Attention TV producers, I have an idea!

Why not make a show about people who go around modding and building things? They could take viewer requests to make things as “challenges” and there’d be a couple teams to allow 2-3 projects per episode. Thus if a project fails and is unusable there’s always a backup. Naturally the teams are assembled in such a way to create drama and arguments along the way.

Everything they build would then be auctioned off for worthy charities. So basically it’d be like American Chopper in that you see things being built, with a healthy dash of Mythbusters since everything is by viewer request. Then of course throw in deadlines to create a “ticking clock” a la Overhaulin’. It would also create a great community of people following the work and trying their own versions of it.

Of course I’m suggesting this here on my site because I would want to be involved. Maybe I’m off my rocker but I think it would be interesting – I’d certainly watch a show like that. Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Attention TV producers, I have an idea!”

  1. That is an EXCELLENT idea! I have seen many of your articles, and shown them to my friends, and every viewer was astonished (especially with the xbox 360 laptop!), and seeing the excellent feedback there, a tv show in which this is done sounds like a great idea. Only problems, though would be that first of all: many manufacturers may not permit the use of making mods on certain products (especially microsoft and their alleged “chip smashers” 😉 perhaps they have introduced a heatsink eluding feature by now too, hmm?), but aside from that, having been interested in technology for awhile, you are the only person i have ever seen that can do stuff like this, so the final works would end up either really patchy, or not even working at all. I think that you should have something thats somewhat like “Pros vs Joes”, where you and some of your friends that have similar aptitude for this go up as “Pros” against challengers as “Joes”, where you’re challenged by viewers to produce a mod of something, that way if the “Joes” can’t come up with anything, you and your “pros” most likely can, that way there will be something that can actually go to the charity. Possible names could be “Geeks vs Geniuses”, or something like that. Email me back with your thoughts… I think that we could be onto something..

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