Behold… the SNESp!

  Click for super-hi-res version

I spent quite a while on this unit, the latest and greatest, the Super Nintendo Portable! I decided it was about time to make portable Nintendo system so here it is!

Some people thought my ‘making of’ for the PSp was too short on information. Well, careful what you wish for! Here, for your reading pleasure, is the SNESp STORY – the most overdone “how I did it” yet! Grab a sandwich, too, cause it’s kinda long. Ok, it’s REALLY long. But, it goes more into detail of how I create my devices than ever before. From the creative process, to design principles, unit construction and more! Please allow time for the pages to load, there are a lot of photos as well.

Also, there is a short demo video of the SNESp on the Downloads page. Enjoy!

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