New System Announced / Update On Coming Attractions

Greetings, my portable-loving fans! I haven’t updated in a couple weeks, I have been busy working on my new portable. It’s not finished yet, give it another week, but I will tell you all what it is. It’s nothing other than a portable Super Nintendo!

A portable SNES is probably the second-most-requested, right behind the Dreamcast (?) I am working to make it as stylish as possible, given the SNES’s famously cheesy original design. Also, I am working on the most detailed “How I Did It” ever, which is taking just as long to create as the system. However, I think you will all enjoy it very much.

Also in the weeks ahead I plan to have some sort of essay on the future of gaming, X-Box VS Gamecube and more. And for future reference, I already have my eye on the super-small Gamecube as the next system to hack up! BUT, will power consumption be too high? Wait and see..

So stayed tuned! I hope to have some great content in the months ahead, and I invite you all to come on over and have a look see! Check or better yet, this site, for updates!

One thought on “New System Announced / Update On Coming Attractions”

  1. i think you should make a portable dreamcast! i have already bought the parts for a portable super nintendo. i just need to put it together. the dreamcast has plenty of games that are fun on the go. especially sonic shuffle. if you do get a dreamcast i could suggest a couple of games for it. if you make a portable one you should make a vmu port and a built in vmu.

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