6 thoughts on “Ben Heck Show Episode 2 Now Ready 2 Rumble!”

  1. Nice episode. Hmm. I saw a glimpse of a guitar head in some of the CNC stuff. Wonder if that means the idea I sent in is possibly going to be used in the future. Then again, it could’ve been entirely random.

  2. No offense my friend, but I’d rather not say. If Ben doesn’t end up doing it, I plan to myself eventually. It’s just not within my means currently. And may not be for some time (or ever?) It’s more of an invention rather than re-invention. So I don’t want some company reading this and stealing my idea.

  3. Hey do you think you could post project descriptions and the code, etc. because i would like to build the cnc machine but i cant find the project descriptions and the code anywhere thanks

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