Benheck Podcast Episode 37

Yes that’s right, another podcast and no new portable projects. (You’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the Halo 3 edition Xbox 360 laptop, the PS3 portable and whatever else I might be working on)

Not to be confused with that Leonardo guy

In this podcast episode we discuss airline travel and why it sucks, videogames we’d like to see sequels to, and movies/movie sequels that were far better than they had any right to be. This is all prefaced of course by our latest intro – “Oblivion: Writer’s Guild Expansion Pack”.

Discuss below!

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15 thoughts on “Benheck Podcast Episode 37”

  1. Ooooh, look forward to listening! You finally made the Writer’s Guild thing, huh? Good for you!

  2. Noooooooooooo! How long must I wait for another project? I look forward to hearing about the Halo laptop, but when are you going to share your work on the Elite laptop that you talked about last summer?

  3. Predator 2
    No Arnold, Urban setting, Gary freakin Busey, Danny Glover?!?
    Should’ve been a disaster. Was pretty entertaining.

  4. HAHA nice intro. I only have one major beef with Oblivion… the stupid level thing where everything levels with you so you never become a death dealing monster. totally kills the game for me. I never see the fruits of my labors in leveling my char. i hate the game. HATE IT. i purchased it right when it came out and played it for many days after that. it was when i came upon the cave with 5 vampires in it and you had to talk to the statue lady to have her open the door for you. i tried to kill them over and over again. couldn’t do it so i when out and tried to lvl up and get my char big and beefy. i come back and get owned a second time. finally killed them after much trial and error but was then the next time i ran into a situation like that i felt the same frustration. I stopped playing after that.

    stupid game.

    There is a podcast topic for you. Games that looked good but turned out to be total crap…
    wait have you done that one?

  5. One of the best intros to date. Oblivion references will never get old. I’d also love to see an Oblivion II. But, I guess Fallout 3 will suffice for the time being. Anyone play Two Worlds? I’ve heard good and bad about it.

    @stodluke –

    I really like the leveling system. It keeps people from skipping parts that are “hard” and coming back to them later. I had a couple of trouble spots in the game, but nothing requiring more than four or five tries max. I have about 80 hours logged, and while I took a break from it for a while for other games (I was playing it on the PC and I just got a 360) there are still things I’m looking forward to doing.

  6. Here’s a movie sequel that was way better than it had any right to be: The Chronicles of Riddick. No, I am not kidding. Yes, it does kick ass. It’s god damn violent, and the bad guys are like Borg on CRACK (and let’s all give a round welcome to Amy Winehouse, the newest member of The Collective!), not to mention the freaking killer end scene. And to hell with you all, that Sarah Connor show kicks ASS.

    Ben, what’s your CoD4 tag (mine is EcksemDiem)? In fact, that question applies to anyone here who plays CoD4 MP on the PC ([insert joke about technology acronyms here]). I’d kill for someone who isn’t totally anoynmous (aside from the occasional “Ekcsks youf uckin sniper fag” comment, which at least happens FAR less than it ever did in BF2) to play with; all of my heathen friends have it for for their “Se’Xbox” (“we report, you decide” my aching ass). Speaking of swarms of people playing CoD4 on XBL, I think I read at Xbox 360 Fanboy (one of Joystiq’s spin-offs, effectively making it a spin-off of a spin-off, thanks to Joystiq’s being spun off from Engadget) that CoD4 wound up being the best-selling game of last year, beating out even Halo 3 despite being out for half as long as it in 2007.

    I simply can’t believe Die Limp can be good in any incarnation, and I especially can’t believe it’s better than “With a Vengeance” (the best one, in my opinion, although they’re all (excluding Blow Hard) four star movies), and for one reason (courtesy of Penny Arcade):
    “Our webs are down, sir. We can’t log in!”
    “Which webs?”
    “ALL OF THEM.”
    “They’ve penetrated our code walls! They’re stealing the internet!”
    “We’ll need to hack all IPs simultaneously.”

    Aww, man… I’m two thousand words short of average comment length. :: cries ::

    P. S. – Steve’s right on mark, Predator 2 kicked all kinds of ass.

    P. P. S. – Stodluke, ever play FF8? That’s the earliest game I can remember where the enemies levelled as you did.

  7. Rich:
    I just liked the way Marrowind was set up. i mean i just play the game and enjoy it. I liked the fact that the game made you level you char to advance the stor like. Oblivian kills that. i feel my accomplishments of leveling my char are nulled out with the fact that the mobs level with me. i mean why even put a leveling system in there. it make no difference if you level ou char when everything stas on par with you. I should give it another try and see if I can get back into it. this time i just wont ever level my guy. see how that works for me.

    I never played FF8. i played 7 and skipped to 10 and 10-2. never finished 10-2. so Oblivian was the first game i can remember olaying where this the leveling thing happens.

  8. @Ecksem

    Please, please tell me you’re kidding about The Chronicles of Riddick… That movie was horrible and one of the better Sh*tty movies we’ve put through it’s paces. It was a good idea gone horribly wrong. Drastically inferior to Pitch Black (which wasn’t perfect by any means, but a pretty solid B movie nonetheless).

    And yes Die Hard With a Vengeance rocks. Ben is delusional. Vengeance is second only to the original Die Hard for my money in terms of quality. I was very shocked to find that LFoDH wasn’t completely terrible although we did see it in it’s unrated form. I’m sure the theatrical cut is god awful. At least in it’s unrated form you can see that an attempt was at least made to make a “real Die Hard” movie.


    Oblivion is awesome. One of the very best games I have ever played. I should get it back from Ben one of these days I suppose. Perhaps I can then make a trek through The Shivering Isles.

  9. I am so not kidding about The Chronicles of Riddick. Aside from the way the people playing Necromongers acted (performances which I felt had the perfect amount of cheese for the portrayal of such a cocky, psychotic, bizarre group of people, cheese which was necessary to keep them from being as badass as Captain Riddick Badass), the acting was fine, which is pretty much the only thing worth picking at that I can identify; the plot was pretty cromulent by my count. Also, the “stay out of the light” line was a great nod to the first film, which, in my opinion, was close to being on the level of Alien: it was really damn good, it had B movie actors with some A movie support, and it had an A movie budget. Its major problem, I feel, was the focus placed on Radha Mitchell’s character and that little boy/girl (I like to think of him/her as the boy/girl from Panic Room with his/her head shaved), both of whom were pretty disinteresting, and of course wound up being the Ripleys of the movie; had they been as interesting/likable/sympathetic as Ripley, I would’ve considered it second only to Alien as far as the monster(s)-killing-people-in-a-Sci-Fi-setting genre is concerned (although Pitch Black was more of an action movie, whereas Alien was a pretty straight horror movie).

    Saying how Chronicles is drastically inferior to Pitch Black is, to me, irrelevant; it was a sequel in the sense that yes, there were some of the same characters, and yes, it was happening in the same universe as the first movie, but aside from that, it really couldn’t have had less to do with Pitch Black; if you were watching it expecting anything BUT Pitch Black 2, I think you would’ve had an enjoyable time.

    It grows on you. Trust me. Trust me like the butler in that Tool song, damn it!

  10. I think that Alien is better than either the first or fourth installments of the series please send me the required forms to become your new co host.

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