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  1. #^#@^$&%**#

    You’d have to pick the day my girlfriend comes back into town, and hence leaves me with far less free time wouldn’t you BASTARDS!

    Just kidding (about the bastards part I mean… not the girlfriend part).

    I *LOVE* onion rings. Figuring the surface area of a ring is pretty basic math actually.

  2. Late is better than never and besides, you’ve got creative works in progress. I can hardly wait until Possumus Man 2 is complete.

  3. great as usual please don’t leave us hanging though for so long i love to listen to you guys when doing chores/playing games helps pass the time alot faster

  4. Hey guys another good podcast. As a brit ive been used to roundabouts all my life. I agree with your problems with idiots not understanding how they work. Thankfully its not very common that people dont know what they are doing on them except random old people who decide they are going to stop halfway round and wave on-coming traffic through. Not sensible in rush hour. Oh and if you have the time and patience, play my little roundabout game. Simply approach a small roundabout (must be small for game to work) and proceed to turn round it with the wheel on full lock. i managed 8 complete revolutions on full lock until some angry motorist decided i was having too much fun. Oh and keep the podcasts flowing.

  5. Good podcast.
    I definitely agree with you guys about Nintendo at E3. I’m a fairly hardcore Nintendo fan but even to me it’s pretty obvious that they’ve forgotten they’re fans. I have no doubt that they’re going to continue to make games I like (stuff like Mario, Pikmin, Metroid etc.) but it’s pretty clear that that’s not really they’re priority anymore. They’re targeting non-gamers at the expense of they’re fans.

    I don’t really have a problem with Superhero movies. So long as they’re good and they don’t totally dominate the industry, I think we’re okay. Actually, I do think we need less Superhero comics. Seriously, Comics can be used to tell other stories than Superhero stories. That’s one industry that is definitely in need of some fresh ideas.

    Not so sure about a Wii60, but I would definitely buy a Dreamcube360.

  6. I’m in totally agreement with BENJIE, here in the UK roundabouts are common place and thankfully most people know how to navigate them, the exception being mini roundabouts where idiots decide to just go straight over them rather then round which is a major pain in the ass – great for building up some great G-force late at night.


  7. “Actually, I do think we need less Superhero comics. Seriously, Comics can be used to tell other stories than Superhero stories. That’s one industry that is definitely in need of some fresh ideas.”

    Try small (or at least smaller) publishers. The “Big 2” have always been about Superheroes. Its when they do something *not* about Superheroes that it seems strange.

    Check out Dark Horse, or Vertigo (which is DC… I know… but its not terrible). Then if you like what you read, ask about something like Cerebus (which is finished now, but you can find reprint novels for every issue), or Beanworld.

    I don’t blame you for thinking comic books are all about the men in tights, if all you see is what your local comic book store has on display. There is, always has been, and always will be so much more to the medium than that, you just have to make it a point to look for it (which I fully admit, isn’t always easy).

  8. Thanks Hossrex.

    I am fairly well educated in comics. I was actually lucky enough to be allowed to write my thesis on comic books.

    I do read alot of non-superhero stuff. I really like ‘Stray Toasters’, ‘Preacher’ ‘Sin City’ etc.
    But I guess my point was, that even though there are alot of quality non-superhero comic-books, it’s still true that Superhero stories have a chokehold on the industry. Not only that, but also that because superhero comics get the most attention and make the most money, they’re seen as safe ideas that will keep going. Anything else is almost too much of a risk, seen as too niche.

    Sorry, I hope I haven’t diverted the topic too much with this.

  9. (By the way, I guess I am mostly referring to the ‘Big 2’. It’s probably unfair to apply this assessment to other publishers).

  10. “pretty soon every movie is going to be based on a video game or comic book”

    Here’s hoping for a quake movie (which i think should be based on quake1 plot not quake2/4 but thats me)

    anyone else hoping for a quake movie

    which will hopfully be a lot better than Dooms

  11. I was listening back to when you guys were talking about kirsten dunst and how she makes the most addictive movies ever, which is kinda true.

    But how did you guys neglect to talk about the two best Kirsten Dunst movies Ever?

    Small Soldiers and Jumanji.

    I mean comon, Tommy Lee Jones voices a homocidal toy who likes to blow stuff up. And Robin williams has a knife fight with a lion.

    Loving the podcast as always, how about another Food edition?

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