Benheck Podcast Episode 51

We’re back! In today’s election-themed episode, we discuss how a (the?) Barack Obama win could greatly help Hollywood financially (but not in the ways anyone might think) Fallout 3 (um, since it takes place in Washington DC?) and Dead Space, which is awesome.

We also discuss how action movies have changed over the decades based off administrations and the possible reasons, the Republican link to great action movies, plus a retrospective on our making of Possumus Man. Enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “Benheck Podcast Episode 51”

  1. YEAH!

    Now tell Jones to get on another Fistful Podcast. Either that, or have Dale on the Ben Heck podcast sometime. He’s hilarious.

  2. Aha nice one guys!
    One suggestion for the horse-riding-into-the-sunset scene… give him a puffy shirt!!!

  3. As always, great podcast guys. You hit the nail on the head in regards with the 9/11 movies.

    However, one bone to pick…

    In the last few podcasts there’s been a really bad echo every once in a while.

  4. I’ve also noticed this echo. But when I hear it, it actually comes BEFORE it’s spoken! Weird!

  5. Yeah it’s because I’m using a different program to record audio on my new laptop, and I haven’t quite figured it out.

    Should just install good old (and I do mean OLD) Sound Forge 4.

    Well I guess now we’ll see if our predictions are true and Hollywood does indeed STOP making lame post 9/11 movies for a change.


  6. Hahahaha Watching the news in California is funny, he comes on all the time with announcements,(imagine with arnold accent): we must help the people with no houses so I’m going to borrow lots of money to give to the people.

  7. To be honest… as someone who lives in California (and voted for Arnold… mostly because it was funny), the weirdest part about Arnold being our governor is how RARELY you ever see the guy.

    A couple times a year he’ll come out for an Earthquake, or wildfire… tell everyone “evryting goeeng be fiiiiiine”.

    Otherwise, we see him every few days on the commercials telling people to move to California… which seems like a weird commercial to run so often in… errr… California.

    It’d’ve been cooler had Gary Coleman won.

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