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It is time! You can now download and watch my possum-based magnum opus for free to watch in the comfort of wherever you might be.

Official Possumus Man 2: Possumus Woman poster
It’s time for you to waaaatch!

To download, simply click here to visit the Movies page which contains all the different links. The movie is a quick 1 hours 11 minutes long, so it won’t take too much of your time.

If you’d like to host or Bittorrent seed the movie as well please send me your link and I’ll add it to the list. For some movie facts and trivia, click below:

Fun “Possumus Woman” Facts:

  • This movie had no script, only a 16 page detailed outline and a few storyboards. People were given key “points” to make and could improvise the rest.
  • Movie outline devised over the course of about 2 hours.
  • Filmed in 2 months 3 weeks, by far the fastest Ben Heckendorn movie.
  • Made for a budget of $832 (cheapest Benheck movie since 1996’s Adventure). Largest chunks: $217.83 for the possum costume, $483.03 for consumables such as gas (we picked a bad summer for that 🙂 fake blood, props & pizza.
  • First Ben Heckendorn movie in hi-def and 5.1 surround. Looking back now we should have gone 1080 instead of just 720p, but I wanted a true 24fps. Guess I saved hard drive space this way.
  • Most shots fired of any Ben Heckendorn film.
  • First Ben Heckendorn movie to use a DangerBob dummy since 1999’s The Adventurous.

23 thoughts on “Download & Watch Possumus Woman”

  1. I hope I’m not the first of many annoying deluges to come, but you should make more 3-month movies like this!

    …except without the annoying beach-going idiots and more truck fighting scenes

  2. Downloading now…

    1.9 gig download! Thats awesome. HD may be over rated… but when you got the gear… you got to use it.

  3. Ben, can you upload a DVD cover file with awesome (and funny) info on the back, so we can have a pretty case to put the movie in? Also, will you be coming out with any downloadable ‘making of’ material like you had for Port Washington or the Possumus Man Special Edition? Lastly, do you be sell actual DVDs of any of your movies?

  4. wow 720p way better video quality than the last one and i can watch it on my tv and not my monitor without it looking like crap

  5. Awesome. Pure awesome.

    I wouldn’t have been happy with PM2:PW unless Grady had said “I KNOW!”… and it was his FIRST LINE!

    Pure awesome.

    The whole thing was great. Seriously. I wish I’d known Sal Salazar was Dale before hand (I’d never seen him before… just heard his voice)… as totally awesome as Salazar was… I’d have loved him more had I known.

    Just a fantastic movie Ben. Jones. Dale. Fantastic.

    If you ever do it again, I’m gonna watch it… if you don’t… I understand.

  6. I have to agree, very high quality, all in all a very well done flick. I really loved the part where the possum tea bagged that guy. Freaking hilarious.


  7. Awesome. Nice movie Ben. This might be the only sequel I have seen that didn’t suck…cough cough, Temple of Doom, cough. However might I suggest investing in a tripod? It seemed to me like some of the shots were a little shaky. But otherwise It was the best movie I’ve seen all summer.

  8. Pro. Just pro. I have seen 73 (wait 74 now) movies since January, and I have to say, Mr. Heck, You got #3 on my list. Can’t stop laughing at “Where do you relocate them?” “I send them to HELL!!”. The duct tape tail is pure win, and don’t even get me started on the truck fights. Nice location too, I always thought someone could make a great movie at Devil’s Lake. To me it just screams “Giant Possum Attack!!!”. Just pure gold.

  9. That was awful.
    But incredibly entertaining.

    I agree with some scenes being a bit too shaky like the truck scene, but otherwise, it was great.

  10. *Spoiler warning* I have to say, some of my favorite parts were 1) the tearing apart of the Greg (the possumatologist’s assistant) I had to frame-by-frame that one to see the ‘meat’ shot. 2) Jamie having to literally pry the rifle out of the hunters ‘cold dead hands’. (Charlton Heston would be proud) 3) the Jaws-inspired canister shooting by Jamie once he has the rifle, and 4) hearing the Wilhelm scream
    as the guy gets pulled over the boat railing (I knew it would be in there somewhere.) I’m not as good at movie trivia as you (Ben), Jones and Dale, but I am a big movie aficionado. Perhaps you guys, or some of the forum members can post other movie references/cliches that I didn’t catch. Lastly, I really liked the Outdoorsman magazine’s subtitle in the credits: ‘Your guide to doing shit outside”

  11. There’s already a torrent up, needs more seeders!

    Definitely the best Ben Heck movie ever direction wise as well as acting, I really think the audio in some sections needs some work because some elements(cars, music, that research basement) are far too loud while the necessary parts(like people talking) are too quiet. I’m not meaning to be too critical, but I laughed alot more at Port Washington, but nevertheless still the best film you’ve ever made Ben, I hope you make more films soon because I’m a sold fan.

    You should consider putting this on a video hosting site like megavideo or googlevideo, and I mentioned these two because last time I checked neither of these have video length/size limits.

  12. Macro, having watched it through on different sets now I did indeed notice some BG sound that needed tweaking, primarily in the scene where Sal chews out the groundskeeper. I’m fixing that for the DVD and any future encodes. The issue is actually not a problem in 5.1, but when compressed to stereo some rear channel elements are too loud.

    There’s also a part where the tail is left in a shot it’s not supposed to be in (when we jump in the truck, it’s looped up on the back in prep for the NEXT shot) and it’s bugged me all along, so now that I had spare time I’ve painted it out, Lucas-style.

    I’m glad everyone’s enjoying it! By now I’m sure people realize it’s not really supposed to be GOOD per se, just entertaining. And yes, it is filled with lots of nods to Possumus Man and my other movies.


  13. dam, i forgot about the release on the 31st 🙁 . But still, good movie ben. best one yet. Much better than the raping of Indiana Jones by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg (south park joke).

  14. What a great film. So much fun. I can’t wait for the DVD.

    I am pleased to see my little blood fountain scene is still in there. I just wish the blood would have shown up better. I don’t know how you would do it though. That was so hard to do. You would think its easy to just lay there but everyone kept laughing. It was impossible to not laugh myself.

    Chris Kraft

  15. This was an excellent way to spend Halloween night with some friends. Dale’s character throughout the movie and the one looong over-the-shoulder shot of the guy and the (I wanna say AR-15, but I’m not sure) M-16-looking gun, just blasting away at the Possumus Woman, had me laughing pretty good.

    I’m looking forward to Possumus Woman 2: Return to Possumus Man: Revenge of Jason Jones!

  16. Ben said: There’s also a part where the tail is left in a shot it’s not supposed to be in (when we jump in the truck, it’s looped up on the back in prep for the NEXT shot) and it’s bugged me all along, so now that I had spare time I’ve painted it out, Lucas-style.


    Seriously… please no.

    Redoing some sound editing is one thing… fixing effects shots, and things like that should be a no go.


  17. I KNOOOWWWW!!!!

    Superb film, cheers Ben & Co. Been looking forward to it a long time.

    Great use of L.A. Style at the end BTW

  18. Dude, best thing i’ve ever seen in a long time. I just kept on laughing and laughing. Make more MovieS 🙂

  19. Had me laughing alot. Great moive Ben and friends. I wish i was playing the possum, it looked like he “she” was having so much fun. I loved the tea bag and the cat getting eaten. Hell i loved the moive.

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