Benheck Podcast Episode 54

We’re back with the last podcast of 2008! In this thrilling episode we discuss our favorite games of the year, Playstation Home, Blu-Ray Live and then do Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions for about 10 minutes. Other rambling is included as well, free of charge.

The best news is we finally got around to doing the “It’s a Wonderful Half-Life” intro. So load this sucker up on your iPod and take it with you during your holiday travels – enjoy!

Listen to Podcast Episode 54

10 thoughts on “Benheck Podcast Episode 54”

  1. Wow… do you guys even know how (awesomely) in sync you are with the Angry Video Game Nerd?

    For the last few MONTHS… each of you has released your videos/podcasts on the same day.

    Wait… Are you the same person!

    I assume you are.

    I’m smart.

    (thanks for the new podcast. Seriously)

  2. That was the best intro ever! Dale is so awesome. Best Jimmy Stewart impersonation ever.

    See you guys next year. (And yes, having AVGN and Ben Heck on the same day is the best present of all.)

  3. Wow! That is an awesome intro!
    I just had to pause the podcast to tell you.
    The weird thing is, I had an automatic tear up reaction at the end when the music swells up and everyone’s bailing George out.
    You guys do great radio.

  4. Oh, by the way, you guys should totally do a commentary track for Dark Knight. I’m sure you guys could be as funny, if not more, than the Adudathuda guys.

  5. I was thinking about TDK commentary while driving today Mr. Neil. Might be funny to watch it and keep a running $$$ estimate of all the public and private property Batman DESTROYS throughout the movie (random cars, office buildings, semi trucks, dump trucks)

  6. …Not to mention the whole thing about creating the ultimate privacy invasion tool and the horrible moral at the end, which is that Gotham needs a hero more than it needs the truth. WORST. MORAL. EVER! That move actually made me hate this version of Batman.

    You know what you should do? You should put Dale on the commentary and make it a Benheck/Fistful of Commentary.

  7. “You know what you should do? You should put Dale on the commentary and make it a Benheck/Fistful of Commentary.”


  8. Not to be a dick, and I haven’t yet listened to the podcast, but isn’t that pic from “Mr Smith Goes to Washington” instead of “It’s a Wonderful Life?”

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