13 thoughts on “Benheck Podcast Episode 62”

  1. I just started playing Fallout 3 again so it was cool to hear you talk about it some more. But damn, you had to spoil the thing about the President! Oi! I’ve never completed the main quest so I wasn’t aware of that. Oh well.

    By the way, if you do want to play a neutral character, as you said you can donate to churches. Or, sometimes outside of cities you’ll see beggars that ask for uncontaminated water. That’s another way to increase Karma. To decrease, well, that’s really easy. Just steal anything that comes up as red (NOT YOURS! …like the pony).

  2. @Dave – This has to be the first time I’ve actually heard of a PC game having a cool feature where I go “Damn, wish the console version had that!” I will just have to make do with the 360 version, but it is cool that, that option is available to PC users.

  3. wow, those trees make a world of difference. i have always been more of a console gamer, but recently, i have been been addicted to the wonders of pc gaming. however, i am not a HUGE fan of the mouse/keyboard, although most pc gamers can’t play without them. and consoles are just convenient. i guess i’ll just be a neutral character 😉

  4. i live in green bay wis and lol never noticed that the tax was so high here…probably cuz i never get out of town.

  5. Luckily in Minnesota here they haven’t tried anything as moronic…on the internet. In Hennepin County, where Minneapolis is, they decided to raze the tax to help pay for the new Twins baseball stadium. Best part is the found a loophole so they could raze the tax without referendum and can hick it up latter if they please.

  6. Actually, the 360, PS3, and Wii basically all have different variants of IBM’s PowerPC processor. So, IBM’s definitely the real winner of this console war.

  7. Fallout 3 is definitely an awesome game, The Main quest is probaly like 15 percent of the game. There is so much extra stuff I have about 150 hours logged on the xbox version and on the pc I have about another 50 hours of experimenting with different mods.

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