Benheck Video Podcast Episode 41

We’re back with our 41st episode which is also our 3rd episode done in video. As usual I didn’t have time to make it as awesome as I’d like due to time constraints, but I hope you all enjoy it regardless.

I actually bought the leet sauce since it's hotter...
Jason Jones, left, and Ben Heckendorn, center, discuss buying a bottle of “nOOb sauce” at a MGC booth.

In this exciting episode we visit the 2008 Midwest Gaming Classic in Oconomowoc, WI. Thrill as we wander around buying things, comment on the items in the gaming museum and talk to fans and customers. The main meat of the video is my presentation at this year’s show, which includes “Ben’s Modding Tips”, new and upcoming projects and a brief question and answer session.

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10 thoughts on “Benheck Video Podcast Episode 41”

  1. I was there. I was in the front row of the presentation, wearing a Portal shirt. I still can’t mod. (No offense) 😉

  2. That was great! I enjoyed watching it. I’m looking forward to your presentation next year and hope to be there in person.

  3. You didn’t introduce the forum members that were there. I thought Sparkfist got that on camera.

    I remeber it like it was two days ago…

  4. i can’t get it to play on quicktime, wmp, vlc media player, real player, my xbox 360 or ps3 am i the only one?

  5. Sorry about the shaky camera guys. Like I told Ben I don’t have a lot of experience with one.

  6. Heheh, good to know I’m not the only person out there with a wire spittoon! 😀 Ever try to strip those tiny 80-conductor IDE cable wires? I have yet to find a wire stripper that can handle those without destroying them, yet my canines have always been able to tackle the job without fuss.

  7. I thought the video wouldnt work either. I’m on a fast connection but just had to wait a half an hour for it to load through firefox so give it some time and hope for the best.

  8. This was fun to watch again & see what you were doing at the convention when I wasn’t stalking you. Thanks for not making me look as foolish as I felt on camera.

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