Reuters story / interview

In case you were wondering why the server was so slow yesterday Reuters did a write up on me and as usual everything came to a standstill. I couldn’t even log in to talk about it! Please refrain from the usual “get a new server” commenting below, obviously I know this.
Anyway if you’d like to read it simply click here.

RE podcasts, we’re a week late, it’s because we plan to do a video podcast at the Midwest Gaming Classic. So we’ll see you all there tomorrow! ‘Cast should be up Monday.


3 thoughts on “Reuters story / interview”

  1. It’s always extremely slow for me. It took over a minute to load this page, and I have a high speed broadband connection.

  2. Two things. First, congrats on yet another article! You’re becoming so effing huge it’s mind-boggling. And allow me to state for the record that I completely envy what you’ve become over the years. Keep that ball a-rollin’!

    Second, just out of sheer curiosity, why do you steer clear of combination systems? You’ve mentioned that on more than a couple occasions that I can recall.

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