Podcast #29

Rock and Roll Edition. We discuss the iPod and portable music, MP3 player programs on computers and “Is the Music Industry Dead?” Also we talk about Halo 3 for a bit, which we both ended up buying the first day. Consumerism strikes again!

The new must-have item this Christmas

Much rambling is included, free of charge, bloating this episode to nearly an hour and a half. Most people couldn’t segway from an MP3 player discussion to King Solomon and the theory of Atlantis, but we can – we’re just that talented.

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28 thoughts on “ Podcast #29”

  1. Once again, nice podcast. You guys rambling is usually my favorite part, but the topics are necessary to keep it somewhat structured.
    I’ve always taken online multiplayer with more than one person on a system for granted, must be because Halo 2 is the only game I’ve ever played on XBL. 4 people on one Xbox on one team, no surprise we usually won.

  2. Actually, I knew a guy named Ewe when I was a kid.
    It’s German and pronounced “OO – vay” with a long ‘A’, rather than an “ah”.

  3. We’re actually thinking of doing a podcast all about “Mysteries of the Unexplained”, ie, Nasca lines, Bible aliens, ghosts, Atlantis, werewolves, etc. Maybe the podcast after next (since the next is a vid-cast)

  4. long podcast…

    for reading pdf’s i recommend foxit reader.

    as for ipod’s, they’re convenient and simple but everything is so proprietary, its quite discomforting (iTunes shit)
    i personally like the cowon D2

    around the world is by Daft Punk (it was a good song IMO) techno (if interested, another song is Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger)

    the problem with the american entertainment industry is the ridiculous focus on DRM and copyright laws. they focus on their profits rather than actually make good music.

    hey can you guys talk about that developer from Assassin’s Creed? hot developers… FUTURE FOR ADVERTISING GAMES? heh.

    by the way, ben and jason, have you watched any anime that you liked? i’d like to hear your take on anime… i cant stand american shows ever since shit like fear factor and the reality crap came up… and i’ve tried watching heroes. monk is pretty much all i watch nowadays. i recommend watching ghost in the shell: stand alone complex season 1 or Death Note for anime.

  5. Awesome Podcast as usual. You should play the segway drinking game.

    Oh and by the way Jones, That song you heard singing “Beer is good” is Beer by Psychostick. There a comedy metal band, That probably why you thought they were stupid :D.

    In the video podcast you need to have ben cooking his BEEF stew and just have jones saying get in there as many times as humanely possible.

  6. @korosora

    I haven’t tried watching Anime in a long time and when I did I couldn’t even make it through the entire runtime of whatever it was I was watching. I’ll admit I haven’t tried watching Akira, but I don’t really have any motivation to. I suppose I should though, just to say I tried. 🙂


    The Gears online co-op is definitely it’s best online feature. I had a blast playing it on multiple occasions. The actual MP battle component of the game definitely left something to be desired IMO.


    Well now I know who the heck is responsible for that song. At least it was meant to be amusing by the sound of it. Sadly, there are bands that would have been completely serious about that song. LOL

    They’re no GWAR though! 🙂

  7. “It’s German and pronounced ‘OO – vay’ with a long ‘A’, rather than an ‘ah’.”

    It’s not “OO-vay”. Maybe other people named Uwe pronounce it that way, but Uwe Boll, schlock movie maker extraordinaire, pronounces his name “OO-vah”. He has stated such in an interview with But, since that interview is not presently available, here’s an interview conducted with IGN. 3 seconds in… “OO-vah”.

  8. I am in total agrement with you about the music industry. I am trying to get my band off the ground, my band is made up of me playing all the istruments and my brother singing. I am going about it a different way then trying to get a record contract. I want to create a following online and try and avoid the whole record industry. I don’t need millions of dollars. I just like to create music. i am currently working on a web site so i don’t have one up yet but i do have a few on youtube. check them out.

    i made this one.

    I redid the music to Night on bald mountain.

    I plan on getting more on youtube and when i get my site going.
    so if you like it, awesome, if not o well.

  9. It’s “segue” not “segway”. “Segway” is the trademarked name of a personal transport vehicle. “Segue” means to make a smooth transition from one thing to another.

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

  10. @nightwheel

    The old record cylinders with music on them? Like this one?

    @ Jones

    Even Akira is very dry. I watched it in it’s entirety once while I had the flu, probably the only reason I got through it was because I was bed ridden. I try to like them just like I try to like JRPGs, but I have yet to find even one to keep me interested for more than a few minutes.

  11. RAMBLING FTW! WMP10 FTW, boo WMP11.

    But about the CD thing: 1. current CD in CD player since mid-July (Mix MP3 CD), 2. Longest I’ve had a CD in CD Player, I think 5 months (Regular Mix CD).

    About uploading music on iPod you can use MediaMonkey without hacking your iPod.

    Daft Punk – Around the World aka the around the world repeating song 😛

  12. “It’s “segue” not “segway”. “Segway” is the trademarked name of a personal transport vehicle. “Segue” means to make a smooth transition from one thing…”

    I was about to say that!

  13. I’ve got so much to say about your music topic I don’t know where to begin and I don’t have any time to say anything much tonight. HOWEVER, in the case of the Neil Diamond category of music may I suggest trying the Texas band Spoon. I’m not saying they sound like Neil Diamond (but that singers voice is up there) exactly but I tell ppl it’s Neil Diamond meets Cake, meets Oasis. Maybe I’m full of crap but you really should check it out. I really think you are being a little rough on the music scene. If you are going to only deal with what is put in front of you by the radio I would completely agree with you, but if you’re willing to dig a bit (may I suggest for some reviews for more mature pallets) you will find a lot of good music.

    Here is Spoons MySpace page for a preview:

  14. If you run winamp with classic skins you can run winamp in 4.5mb’s 🙂
    winamp also has the star rating system as well.
    I’ve never moved away from winamp in 10 years and i still don’t find a good reason to move away.
    To get away from quicktime and iTunes together there is QuickTime Alternative, which has all the QT codecs with out QT, and allows you to play QT stuff in any media player.

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