See us at Geek.kon!

Been a bit busy finishing the fight, almost forgot to post that Jason Jones (podcast co-host) and I will be speaking at Geek Kon in Madison, WI this Sunday the 7th of October. I am doing a panel first, RE my gaming stuff, then Jones and I will be doing a “live” video podcast discussion where topics will include our indy filmmaking horror stories and an argument over which of the first 2 “Alien” movies is better.

We’ll probably also be around a little before, between and after our shows if you’d like to shoot the breeze or have us sign crap. For more info visit their site at

10 thoughts on “See us at Geek.kon!”

  1. Hi Ben. I’m writing a story for a national magazine about hobbyists who are using consumer-level technology to create professional-quality work. I’d like to talk to you. If you’re available, please get in touch.

  2. Damn I wish I could be there. I wan’t to be the only person to ever ask Jones for his autograph.

  3. My personal opinion on the Aliens movies:

    It all boils down to what your preference of genre is. Action, or Horror. If you like Horror more, then definitely Alien. If you like action, then Aliens.

    But Aliens had all the fucking kickass guns so Aliens. 🙂

  4. Geez, funny how I stumble on to this site, looking at your awesome creation of an XBOX 360 laptop on youtube. That was some great stuff! Hey, tell Jason Jones I said “HI!” We were co-workers for about 5 years when I used to work at Thermo Electron. He was still a pee-on, just like myself, going to school at Herzing College. LOL!

    Great stuff though. Later.

  5. Holy crap! How’s it going Danny? It’s been a long time. Hope all is well with you and your family.

    Pretty funny how small the Internet can be some days. 🙂

    Also, I’d be happy to sign any and all iCylinders that are brought before me this weekend. LOL


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