Podcast 32

Jones and Derek pose for one of several million costume reference photos in Port Washington. (OK it was more like 32 costume changes but that’s still a lot)

Welcome back for yet another podcast. We deliberately came up with no topics whatsoever in order to create a show of pure rambling, since people tend to enjoy it when we go off-topic. Overall we ended up talking about movies quite a bit, including several of the ideas we have for new movies of our own, including a plot for Port Washington 2 (which there is zero chance of me making, BTW)

Hopefully it’s not too boring and will give you some insight into our “brainstorming” process. Enjoy…

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15 thoughts on “ Podcast 32”

  1. Awesome! I am not the only one that likes Tremors.

    Did any of yall see The Kingdom? That movie was awesome because of the explosions. It had a some what decent plot as well.

    If a movie doesn’t have an explosion in it I usually don’t watch it. I want to be entertained in a movie not bored to death.

    I just recently saw American Gangster and it was a pretty good movie. A couple good explosions in it.

    On a different note, I agree with the software sales making the console thing. I personally do not own a 360 (i own a Wii GASP!) but I wish I did. I do not regret buying the Wii as there are alot of good games out there as well (MP:3, RE:4, Excite Truck, LOZ, ect…) and some good ones to come but the lack of 3rd party quality is disgraceful.

    If I could pick one movie yall talked about it would be the one with the ending scene with Jones fighting the Alien in the hospital. That scene would be beyond badass to watch. You could have the Oxygen tanks exploding and crap. Jones could toss an Oxygen tank into the aliens body and shot it to blow up the alien ala Jaws.

  2. You definitely need to play Team Fortress 2 on the PC. It’s fucking awesome.

    Jones: You look like you are 16 or something hahaha.

  3. Yeah I should “get in there” with some TF2. Been working a lot lately and just haven’t gotten around to every game.

    I’m tempted to grab Rock Band…

  4. Ben & Jones,

    Easily my favorite Podcast so far (and I’ve listened to them all). I really laughed a lot. You shushed Jones when he mentioned one of the movie titles. I find THAT interesting… Everkitten was my fave btw. And I’d love to see a game that is a parody of stupid gaming conventions!

  5. Ben, I’ve only started to listen to your Podcasts, and amazingly, you’re the only one. You’re so random and hilarious it’s just great. You should come to UWM sometime and show off some of your creations! Haha. Just an idea. I’d love to meet you, epically since you live in Wisconsin!

    Maybe that can be a random topic someday. “Wisconsin: Today, 95 and sunny, tomorrow, 30 and snowing!”…

    Ok…no one outside of WI would understand that reference. Or that thought. What about the fact that in Wi we measure distances in time? or we’re one of the few places to call it a “Bubbler”?

    Ok…wisconsin sucks…but i wouldn’t live anywhere else!

  6. Hmm…
    I happen to agree with Dave above. I am not much of a movie-watcher, so I am not as interested when you talk about movies instead of games, but that is my personal opinion.

    A great podcast for me would be if you rambled mostly about things like games, computers, and hardware…

    But even still, I do like all of your podcasts, they are entertaining and it is interesting to hear other people’s perspecives on things.

  7. Actually it’s “everkittens” all lowercase. Just think, a few shows from now and it’ll be the Christmas Special, with “It’s a Wonderful Half-Life” intro!

  8. I really enjoyed the podcast. The rambling thing really worked.

    Ben, when you guys start talking about movie ideas you can hear in your voice how excited you get. You really should make another one, even if it is just “Basement: The Movie.”

    Regarding the attach rate of the current consoles:

    I don’t own any of them, and I don’t plan on buying any of them until I can get one for at least five more years.

    But it should not be a surprise that the 360 has a higher attach rate than the other two consoles. It has been out for a year longer than the others.

    Were I buying a system tomorrow it probably would be the 360, though.

  9. If you were to make another movie, I could do the cinematography for you.
    I like to shoot video and take pictures, and I could also do costume designing as well

    Great podcast, as usual!

    -By the mystical forces of truth and love
    Send down Japanese Lightning Ultra from above!

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