An Atari portable – remember those?

Just to remind people that I still make them, here’s an Atari 2600 portable I just finished. Went back to basics with my color scheme, kind of reminds me of the old days. Ah yes, I remember when people cried a river of tears because the first 4 versions of my Atari portables didn’t have paddle controllers. Those were good times.

Classic woodgrain, black and brushed aluminum - what more could you want?
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I call it the “New Technology” Atari since I’ve kind of run out of names for anything new. Here’s my “Atari 2600” folder, look at all the crap in it!

Like the Ark of the Covenant, contains a lot of secrets
The story of my life, at least since 2001.

The rear of the unit. It uses the tried-and-true 6 batteries like the Pheonix did. I get email requesting a lot of things (mostly Xbox laptops and PS360 controllers) but your best bet for something I’ll actually have time to do (and is reasonably priced) is still an Atari 2600 portable. Remember I’m still making those Rev 5.1’s when requested.

I racked up a pretty good score on Asteroids last night, testing this thing whilst waiting for a Halo 3 round to start. Atari – still crazy after all these years.

22 thoughts on “An Atari portable – remember those?”

  1. Proud to write the first comment. Great job Ben; I’ll consider this design with my Atarip unit. Keep making these…

  2. Very nice. Extra retro, seeing as how it’s all old-style when compared to your recent portables. Which is cool.

  3. Ahh, so refreshing and nostalgic. I still remember the days when the only things you had on your website was Atari portables and Port Washington. Yeah, I’ve been following your website that long.

  4. Awesome. Retro rocks… You should make more of your portables with that type of vintage feel. Also, I think this is about the first portable you haven’t made a short story about, so in that sense, you’ve really come a long way. A while back this would;ve been a huge acomplishment. (sniffles) It looks like our little Benjamin is growing up… Anyways, great job!

  5. ^would;ve !?! Darn it! One day I’ll prove that someone is hacking computers for the sole purpose of ^inducing bad grammer! And oh when I do!….

  6. on top your less likely to bump it into something and reset it, ALSO… even if you rewired the game connector facing towards the top unless you wanted to make the thing considerably wider you would have it recessed into the thing it would just be sticking off the top.

  7. That is so cool. Man that thing brings back memories. I’d love to make on myself. I guess I should buy your book. Learning how to hack old game consoles is # 342 on my list of 1001 things I really want to do:)

  8. Hey, I’m totally interested in one of those consoles, send me an e-mail on what we need to do to make it happen.


  9. hi. are you still making those? i will love to have one. are you selling them? please let me know.

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