Podcast Episode 43

Time for another podcast! Today we’re discussing conspiracy theories, specifically the moon landing, JFK assassination and of course the Madden curse. We also discuss Grand Theft Auto a bit, although we recorded this before getting our hands on a copy.

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As an addendum, the main thing I’d say about GTA4 is that it’s a next-gen version of GTA – awesome graphics, amazingly deep (the fake internet is gut-bustlingly hilarious) but still retains some of the control / aiming issues of its predecessors. I’m sure we’ll discuss it in detail come next podcast.

8 thoughts on “ Podcast Episode 43”

  1. You guys have heard of Joe Rogan, right? He used to host Fear Factor, and he’s well known for heckling Carlos Menstealia. He’s also a moon hoax nutjob. He once had a radio debate with astronomer Phil Plait (of, and went to great lengths to show just what a moron he is. (Google it. It was on the Penn Jillette show.)

    I’m glad Jones brought up the moon mirrors, because it’s a very important factor in this debate. The moon mirrors are the single best piece of evidence we have that the moon landing was real. Morons like Rogan can’t refute the moon mirrors. Of course, that means he’s not going to follow up on them either, because he knows what he’s going to find.

    This is why I hate conspiracy theorist. Debate is a learning tool, but hoaxers like Rogan only argue to win, even if they’re dead wrong. If you show them evidence, they just ignore it.

  2. A space / egypt podcast? I wonder if they could make it through that without mentioning Stargate! One could only hope.

    Speaking of whacked out theories, I can’t believe you guys didn’t mention the nut jobs that think 9/11 was a conspiracy (missiles, no planes, internal explosions, etc.) I really, really hate those people.

    I’m still waiting for a certain shitty movie review!

  3. Well I’m convinced. Space/Egypt for the next podcast. I love talking about non-gaming things, to be quite honest.

    RE: 9/11, we decided it was still too soon. Maybe we’ll touch on it in episode 480 😉

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