Games for Health conference 2008

I will be appearing at the annual Games for Health conference this week in Baltimore, to talk about my work with single-handed controllers, show the latest production model of the Access Controllers (pre-orders coming this month) and to demonstrate some new, unique controllers built specifically for the show.

Coming Soon!
The near-final prototype of the production model Access Controller from eDimensional. Please direct inquiries to

You can read more about the conference by visiting their site using this link. I’ll also update my site with the new items once they’ve gone live at the show. Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “Games for Health conference 2008”

  1. I can’t see much from that picture, but #1 thing I noticed is that it is a PlayStation controller. #2: I’d like to know if there will be much of a problem with the pins that I can see being bent over?

  2. Fun! Curved on the bottom so that it rests comfortably on your leg, I’ll assume? Wiring up the pin headers for those modules must have been… interesting.

  3. Did you toy with the idea of making it a half-sphere, or maybe more than half-sphere? I can only imagine that with your hand being flat for that long it may be tiring and/or uncomfortable. What I pictured with a one-handed controller was the sphere so that your hand could curve comfortably around it with the two analog sticks used by index and middle finger and the main buttons used by the thumb with the secondary buttons used with the ring finger.

  4. I think its great that he designed this. When i was paralyzed on the right side i was affraid id never be able to play games again. Something like this would have made my recovery a lot easier. Keep up the great work.

  5. I need to bwe able to use the controlls of the numbchuck and controller in the WII with only one hand. Are you working on something like that?

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