11 thoughts on “Benheck.com Podcast Episode 57”

  1. So, wait…
    Jones has never encountered shrimp? NEVER?


    That’s one of those things that I could swear everyone in the US has eaten at least once ON ACCIDENT.

    Sorry, I just found that amazing.

  2. No offense to you guys, but ill tell you whats become lame and stale, is that same podcast intro dudes. It was funny a couple of times, but its just overworked now. Its fine if you dont have an intro, just dont slap that one on it!

  3. Hey we don’t always have time to do cool intros! But if I get to do the video podcast the way I’d like, trust me, it’ll more than make up for it.


  4. MREs are friggin’ awesome! We got a few cases of them for free after hurricane Ivan so, I’ve got a few stashed away for the 2012 apocalypse.

    Shrimp are amazing though. I personally rip their heads off and devein them myself and it just makes me more hungry. It’s actually much cleaner than gutting a regular fish or cleaning a chicken imho

  5. Target Johns? What FPS has targeting? Or are you talking about “zooming” in or locking on. How Fable 2 ends reminds me of how Fallout 3 ends. I was surprised how fast Fallout 3 ended. Defiantly going to buy The Pitt tho.

    Ben the worst MRE is the hot dogs. Oh gawd. I did eat a Beef stew one last week and it was pretty good.

    Whaaa Oysters are awesome. Shrimp Jones? I am a big seafood fan. I guess living near the coast is an advantage. In Galveston you can go up to the docks and buy shrimp, oysters, fish right off the boats. Crawfish are awesome to.

    Steak and beer is my personal favorite dinner. Good 1lb New York Strip and a Shiner. I like mine bloody.

    On the video podcast I think Jones should jump through a flaming hoop and maybe Ben can ramp over the Grand Canyon on a Jet Ski.

  6. Ya know… in a weird way, it almost doesn’t feel right to get a podcast on time, without whining and complaining for it first.

    Damn you Ben… we ENJOY that whining and complaining!

    Nice podcast though. I agree that opening is a bit overused, but I also agree it’s the very best opening… to me it’s become somewhat like the opening to a television show. It’s the same every time, and as long as it’s good, that’s fine.

    I love the part where Jones asks how long he has, and someone (Dale?) says “ONE DAY!”, to which Jones replied “that’s six more than I need”.


    Thanks Ben!

  7. “I love the part where Jones asks how long he has, and someone (Dale?) says “ONE DAY!”, to which Jones replied “that’s six more than I need”.”

    Thats my favorite part to ^_^

  8. I forget which person said they never saw “Life Is Beautiful” (La Vita e Bella), but you must definitely see it (at least once). It’s in Italian, but you can turn on Englush subtitles or listen to the English dub track. I think I’ve watched it both ways and personally, I think the native language was best. Anyway, it’s like 2 separate movies: What the guy’s life was like before being put in a prison camp and life after (in) the prison camp. Roberto Benigni is funny throughout the whole movie. In the first half it’s him winning the girl’s affection, but the comedy aspect continues in the dark/depressing second half. Comedy is just how he hides the fact from his son that they are in trouble. He makes his son think it’s all just a big game. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it now, but I remember it had a pretty uplifting ending.

  9. I agree. Life is Beautiful is great.

    Sadly… my girlfriend can’t handle subtitles. 🙁

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