10 thoughts on “Benheck.com Podcast Episode 60”

  1. Glad to see you guys recording regularly again.

    Now, I wonder if the Fistful podcast will also grace us with a new episode of Dale goodness. Hmm…

  2. By the way, Transformers 2 was awful. It was the Da Vinci Code with robots. And with the two ghetto robots, one sporting a gold tooth, it was like having two Jar Jars. The only thing redeeming about the movie was the opening scene, where the robots tore up Shanghai, because the Autobots actually did something. Other than that, I hated it.

  3. You do realize that by saying it is like having two Jar Jars in it will do nothing to dissuade me from seeing it, right? In fact it motivates me even more to check it out!

  4. There is no way in hell I am going to see Transformers 2. It sounds like everything that is terrible about modern movies amplified by a thousand. I thought the first movie should have been 40 minutes shorter, but the new one is even LONGER? F**k that. This is coming from someone who had ever toy back in 1984 – f**k this movie.

    Of course it’s making ungodly amounts of money though… sigh.

  5. Goddamnit, Jones. Fight Club, I can understand, but not liking Escape from New York?

    What the fuck.

  6. Transformers 2 kicked ass! I’m very glad I didn’t let the critics dissuade me from going. It was big, loud, and fun. I left the theater entertained and will probably go again. God bless Michael Bay. He is unapologetically American and the last guy I can think of that makes “80’s” movies. Chuck Russell could be lumped in there with him if he ever got to make anything…

    As far as Escape from New York goes? I don’t know what it was with that movie. I like Kurt Russell and Lee Van Cleef is cool, but it just didn’t do anything for me. I’ve only seen it once, but I doubt a repeat performance would make a difference. Then again, I think Big Trouble in Little China is a piece of crap so what do I know. 🙂

  7. I guess the problem I really have with this movie is that, to me, this could have been any film. You could swap the robots out for any generic alien race, changed all of the associated trademarks (i.e., The Matrix, the space bridge, etc.) and I’d have never known it was a Transformers movie.

    For a Transformers movie, I kind of expect it to… you know… resemble the Transformers franchise. I don’t mind macho pro-American blow-shit-up type movies. But not in Transformers. Transformers is science fiction; it’s not “get to da choppah”. This is supposed to be about robots. This isn’t a Schwarzenegger film. Get these army guys out of my movie!

    At the very least, I want the robots to actually have personalities. Most of them barely so much as talked. You know what I liked about the original cartoon? You knew who all the robots were.

    The only part of the finale that even remotely resembled a Transformers storyline was that the Decepticons wanted to destroy the sun. That’s something the original Megatron would have done. Everything that it took to get there, however, was aggravating to sit through, and I don’t know how anyone expecting to see Transformers would have the patience to sit through it.

    You know that scene in the first movie where Barricade is chasing Bumblebee through the city, and they’re leaping, transforming in mid-air, and all that? I want more of that. I enjoy a good chase scene.

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