Podcast the 38th

Ha ha we skipped a week and only some of you noticed! The traffic clogged us up last week anyway so pushing back the ‘cast was probably a good idea.

Eating this is not hard. At least for some.

Been a bit busy lately, but we threw together what topics we could and filled the rest with rambling and sawdust. First up is “Great Inventions of the Ages” – including spray cheese and the wheel – and how they’ve helped society. Then, in a shocking turn, I briefly discuss one of my own projects, a rariety in our podcast! Finally we do “The Sandwich List”, which, unlike a bucket list, is about which actresses in Hollywood should seriously consider eating a sandwich. I think this came up because at one point during the rambling one of us mentioned Jennifer “Rocketeer” Connelly and it kind of went from there.

Enjoy, and I hope we’ll have a more polished ‘cast next time.

Listen to Podcast Episode 38

12 thoughts on “ Podcast the 38th”

  1. Well, it’s about freakin’ time! Hey, since this show was a week late, do we still get another show next week? Huh? Huh?

    Just kidding, guys. Good show overall. Kinda missed having an intro, though.

  2. I noticed i just decided i wouldn’t bother you with an email, i doubt it would have done anything. I like the idea of another one next week.

  3. thnx guys another ‘cast to add to my collection…once this is completed downloading i will now be the proud owner of every podcast/ben video podcast/movie u have done. takes about 4GB or so but its soooo worth it!!

  4. haha just heard the part about how the machine cuts the bread. i used to work in a bakery and know exactly how it works. the cooked loaf goes sideways through basically alot of bandsaw type bread not sure if that helped but its the best i can do

  5. As far as I heard, Jones, it was indeed Johnny Depp they were talking about playing Heath Ledger’s role in that upcoming Terry Gilliam movie. And yes, Ed Wood does indeed rule, although I wouldn’t put it anywhere near my top ten.

  6. Ben Heck your mods and inventions are amazing i say you should turn the action clix scarab into an elite and the front laser should be a projector to play on

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