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While going through and doing some maintenance on my site I had an idea – what if people submitted their own cool hacks to as a way of showing them to the world? This could allow modders and builders of cool things an entry point and exposure they might otherwise not get. Also – since I do not often get around to showing my projects as often as I like – this would help keep the site’s content fresh – perhaps one “featured” project per week.

So let’s give it a try. If you or a friend has a cool project you’d like me to show on this site, email me using this link. I’ll pick my favorite each week and post a short review of it, along with links back to your home page. (Having your own site detailing the project is plus)

Main criteria: Must be something you’ve built or modded, but it won’t be limited to gaming or computers. If you’ve got a hybrid static-electricity-powered car or automatic can crusher/french fry maker it’s all fair game.

Note: Do not use comments to submit ideas – please email them to me using the link above.

12 thoughts on “Submit-A-Hack”

  1. I haven’t seen many DS or PSP hacks or mods on this site, hopefully this will bring some interesting ideas to the table.

  2. build a laptop that plays pc,xbox,xbox 360,wii, ps2, ps3, nintendo ds, nintendo dsi, psp, gba, and with it own wireless 802.11n draft laptop

  3. ben heck i think your the master of modifications and it would be cool to have an xbox 360 and ps3 all in one. i will seriously pay for it ill be watching show

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