Site Semi-Redesign and Content Filling!

I’ve been slowly working at getting this site up and going and I was trying for a fresh, new & different look from my old site. That’s all well and good, but along the way I changed my navigation system. It wasn’t really working the way I had hoped and dreamed…

I then thought to myself, “What was  wrong with the frame-menu navigation of the Atari 2600 Portables Site…?” Having reflected on that, I set forth to fix up this site so it would have the same easy-to-navigate structure!

This site is still under construction, but you can scroll around using the Navigator thingy to the left and check some stuff out. Here’s what works as of 5-17-04:

Videogame Forums, Downloads (all the videos at least) and Chat. For Movies you can check out the Port Washington & Lizard of Death pages.

So see what you can see, and if you end up in 404 land, just click BACK and bear with me…

If you need a (working) fix of portable videogaming action, check out my fully functional site at

Thanks for your continued patience!

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