VCSp’s Invade TechTV – Again!

Hello portable fans! Sorry if I haven’t updated in a while… I have been busy with a bunch of projects. 2 of which actually involve portables! One of the portable projects is kicking my butt… I have now officially broken the construction time record of the original VCSp (which took 2 months) because I’ve been working on this new portable since January! Ah, I miss the good old days when I could whip together a PSp in 2 weeks… Actually, I kind of enjoy the fact that it’s so difficult. And one of these days I should finish that NESp…

The MGDp (see below) is still purring like a drunk kitten. I added a muffler that can be Velcro-ed over the power supply fan to make it quieter. What a great trivia question it will be, that all the looped dialog for my movie was recorded by a computer made out of an 18-pack of beer.

Oh yeah, TechTV. Once again I shall grace the airways of their fine network! Naturally I have no idea how they’ve edited the interview, or if they’ve gone ahead and stitched William Shatner’s head on my body, but here is a preview:

SEE! My “I Love Beer” coffee mug I have on my desk

LISTEN! As I give answers so long that by the end I’ve forgotten the question!

WITNESS! Me driving around in my car that got rear-ended! (don’t worry, the Atari bumper sticker was unscathed)

EXPERIENCE! What it might be like to visit the fabled “Barn” and sit on my ratty old couch that a co-worker gave me!

Tune into TechTV at 8 eastern, 7 central for all the pulse-pounding excitement!

And there’s more news coming soon! No, really, I mean it!

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