Ben’s Hack Pick of the Week – Super Genintari!

My hack pick this week (not that I manage to do this weekly but whatever) is Richard DaLuz’s “Super Genintari”:

Three great generations come together, much like a Lifetime channel movie

There was once a time when a person had to use separate consoles for playing their Atari 2600, NES, SNES or Genesis games… This filled the land with sadness, despair and an overabundance of power bricks, threatening the very fabric of the universe! (Or at least clogging up power strips)

But now, in this brave year 2008, Richard has come to rescue us all. The “Super Genintari” combines all these fine systems into one easy-to-use beast that goes great with any decor. (Includes giant glowing Pac-Man icon) I especially like the chunky solid selector buttons.

Click here to take a look at his site which contains more pics and a video of the unit in action. Swell work Richard!

20 thoughts on “Ben’s Hack Pick of the Week – Super Genintari!”

  1. Can’t wait till I make something good enough to be on the front page!

  2. This is probably the most expensive project ever! I bet that case costs more than a hand or two! Way to go richard!

  3. I wonder if Ben will get more or fewer requests for multiple-consoles-in-one than usual.

  4. But why not use a Atari 7800 instead of a 2600? Then you would have NES/SNES/Genesis/2600/7800 ! (GRIN)

    Very COOL !!!!

    Now, lets build a Xbox/PS2/Game Cube or a Xbox360/PS3/Wii system !! (I hear they want to build more power plants !!)

  5. Thanks for the awesome comments, fellas! I really appreciate it.

    And thanks, Ben, for the front-page commentary! XD Love it.

  6. A friend of mine from the “Arcade And Rhythm Gamers Union” at Gamespot (by the name od Raven_Squad) hipped me to the youtube link. Dude, that thing rocks. I still have old SNES and Genisis cartridges laying around that’d get a workout on the Super Genintari. I own a PS2 and GameCube and a GeForce 8800 for my PC. I’m 32 years old and I grew up through the 8bit and 16bit eras. I honestly don’t care much for the PS3 nor XBox 360. Though the Wii looks awesome, simply for the stockpile of Old School games that can be downloaded onto it and its backward compatibility (BC, for short) with the GameCube. Hell, I’m considering replacing ye old SNES and Genisis. I DON’T like where the gaming industry is going. So things like the Super Genintari appeal to me alot.

  7. I just added Super Genintari to “my pictures”. It’s now my desktop background. Sweet!

  8. I suggested that he use a switch and the Master system – Genesis converter that allowed BC with the SMS. may as well add another system to the mix.

  9. Want one can anyone tell me if these are being made for sale!? or can get schematics to build?

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