PS3 Laptop Auction for Charity

Take the time, to real-a-lize that this, could be yours...

Now’s your chance to get a one-of-a-kind Ben Heckendorn creation! Engadget is sponsoring an auction to sell the PS3 laptop I built, with all proceeds going towards the National Cancer Coalition. Click here to check it out, and place a bid if you so desire.

It’s for a great cause and it’s also a sure-fire way to get a Benheck product – without having to email me 79 times that is! Happy bidding…

42 thoughts on “PS3 Laptop Auction for Charity”

  1. hey dudde are like rich i mean being able too do all that and still have a 360 a ps3 and supernintendo damn i wish i was or atleast as smart as you

  2. Im guessing it’ll reaching into 50000 or more you may say I’m crazy but I wouldnt be suprised if it hit 100000. It’s one of a kind for now it’s for charity, people have lots of money, and it’s went from 0.99$ to 17.300 in like half a day.

  3. I think it will go for 27,800.00 But thats not the point the point is benheck our so kind that you made that for chiaty im only 11 but good job i think you will be on the news i hope your so happy for your self i think people that you help with that money say thanks

    good job

  4. I just hope the top bidder ends up actually paying. Also, hopefully it doesn’t go too high, that’d be ridiculous.


  5. Ben, I’ve got to say, you’re one clever person. I know I don’t have $24k (to give to charity, and I doubt you’ve got that kind of money laying around either. And yet, you’ve created something that will give a charity that much money (or more). Granted, it probably cost you $2k and countless hours. A labor of love, I’m sure.

  6. Hey, Ben. First off, I wish I had money like the current bidder has (which I hope he does since it’d be a shame to bid $23,600 and not have the cash to give it up), but, big credit to you for your originality and your heart to auction off one of your creations to a very worthy cause. Great gesture. God Bless.

  7. hm, this is sweet! :> in case i should ever get married, i hope it’s a crazy geek like you. hrhr 😀

  8. What they should have done was have people donate money to the charity, and then after 10 days, the person who donated the most (individual person, not corporation) got the Laptop. That way no one would fail to pay.

  9. First, I’m glad that the laptop was able to fetch *some* money for a good cause. But, I’m still disappointed with humanity. Urgh! What is wrong with people?!?

  10. How about next time doing a raffle system with somewhat pricey tickets? I’m sure you could raise a ton of money like that

  11. OMG!!!!! IS THIS FOR REAL???!!!!!

  12. OK I cannot be silent, this project is absolutely f’in awesome. Kudos to you Ben, that shit is off the hook, beyond compare, and I really would nuke a country without a 2nd thought for such a device.

    Keep it up man, it inspiring to us all 🙂

  13. wew..
    what a brilliant thing to do

    why don’t you give the idea to Sony
    so that they can build PS3 laptop too?


  14. Ben, you need to get corporate backing on this one, this thing could be used in cars on those long trips and be plugged into the tv like a regular PS3. I think there are plenty of people who would pay $1500 for a production version.

  15. I would pay much, much more than that. Seriously. I know you say you aren’t going to make any more of these, but you can name your price.

  16. amazing piece of work would never be able to buy one of course but still amazing work!

    your a legend for giving it to charity

    amazing work!

  17. Do you build the lap top PS3 for people or do you only build them and sell them yourself? Please email me with info. It’s interesting.

  18. Where do you bid? I got 55 thousand that’s right $55,000 for it. and what is it at right now?

  19. hi benjamin i was wondering if you we be able to make me one of the 360 laptops i mean i dont have much money but i promise i wont try to sell it i just wat to be able to play360 on the go right now i have 500us$ but i could try and get more please to talk more about it you can emAIL me at thanks please write back bye

  20. pleas tell me if u can make me one and how much the cost will be and how did it cost u

  21. Woah, that is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I wish I could afford a PS3 O.O… Or a PS3 Laptop 😛 Well im glad there are people nice enough to spend abunch of time, and money, making something to raise money for someone else. I wish it raised more money for the charity. (It deserved 100 Bill Gates paychecks.) Oh well, anyways, great job, god bless you.

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