Beyond Port Washington

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It’s official! Due to overwhelming demand the next Ben Heckendorn movie is going to be a sequel to one of our most popular titles called “Beyond Port Washington”.


It has been 5 years since the events of the first movie. Steve and Erica have been living together for a while now, things are going well, and marriage is on the horizon. However Mike has latched into a deep depression, much like Steve in the first movie, and has grown distant from his friends.

Living in New York, but back in the area on vacation, Ben decides to enlist the help of Steve and Erica to help Mike out. But after helping with some sneaky tricks, Erica realizes that Ben and Mike in fact influenced her love for Steve, and the cat’s out of the bag!

Now Erica questions the validity of her own relationship with Steve, but with a proposal looming can’t bring herself to tell him the truth. Meanwhile Ben embarks on a quest to find Mike’s dream girl – a mysterious World of Warcraft player known only as “hot_69_chik”.

Expect all of the madcap thrills, spills of laughs of the first movie with some new surprises along the way. The script, once again written by Ben Heckendorn and Dale Nauertz, has been underway since last fall and filming is slated to commence this summer. All major characters are returning.

Realistically we hope to finish it by Christmas 2010, I’m not going to kid myself with post production but I think if anything “Possumus Woman” shows we’ve sped the process up.

Stay tuned!

26 thoughts on “Beyond Port Washington”

  1. Dammit, this is a joke, isn’t it? It’s too bad, that actually sounds… good!

  2. For those of us who liked Port Washington, that is such a cruel April Fool’s joke.

  3. Goshdarnit Benjamin J Heckendorn if this is a joke, countsarnit *shakes fist with much vigour* then I will be so blooming cheesed off.




    Please dont be a joke

  5. Ben, can you please re-post the BPW poster? It’s not showing now for some reason. I’m sure there’s something funny in it that I’ll enjoy seeing.

  6. This is why I love April Fool’s day.

    Though a new movie, preferably a 1 summer movie like Possumus Woman, would be awesome! (except no terrible actors like at the intro to PMS)

  7. Thank god it’s a joke.

    The day the independent film maker starts making sequels is the day he should just stop (“Possumus Man 2 colon Possumus Woman” doesn’t count).

    Port Washington was an actual “good” movie (or at least that was the intention). Another would cheapen it.

    For all of our Port Washington fans who are disappointed this is a joke… stop… instead be relieved.

    When Ben makes another movie (if Ben makes another movie), it’ll be a *NEW* movie.

    Sequels suck (“Possumus Man 2 colon Possumus Woman” doesn’t count).

  8. DAMNIT MAN! I just read this entire post, almost jumped out of my chair in excitement…..then looked at when it was posted….COME ON BEN! This would be so friggin cool I can’t even put it into words! I would totally donate for some of the production costs! Not the 100K that you want to do it…but maybe like 20 bucks?

  9. Yes of course this was a joke!

    BUT actually we had discussed a PW2 plot from time to time, just for fun (I would never, EVER make it though). And it was basically this idea.


  10. At least grant us with a podcast or two ben, we’ve had to suffer through all of march without one.

  11. thanks god its a joke cause im not saying i dont like your movies but 1 1/2 years of benheck becoming pure bpw would suck like when you filmed possumus woman no XBox updates D:

  12. It’s even worse when you haven’t been able to go on the internet, and suddenly encounter all these April Fools jokes on April 10.

  13. This is sorta a cruel joke, but still funny. It’s kinda like what would happen if Sega announced a Dreamcast 2 on April Fools.

  14. Whats funny is I was waiting for this and I didnt even check the date of the post and I checked it today this sucks

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